Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Five Reasons why walking is essential for living a healthy life.

I talk about going for walks a lot on social media. I think people must be pretty bored by now. But there is a good reason. I find walking one of the best forms of exercise which also offers countless other benefits for boosting goof health and positive mood. 

Like most people who like the outdoors, I find a real sense of action when I choose to go out. I am not a meanderer, a casual walker or a potterer; I walk with purpose and strength to get my body heat up and get me breathing lung-filling breaths. I have always been a fast walker but I don't go out to just walk fast. This obviously benefits me exercise wise as my pace means I hit high heart rate zones on every walk meaning that my body is in workout mode. But that is not my focus, that is just a great side effect from putting my effort into going for a good walk. 

With it being a great exercise it has become vital in keeping me balanced in life. Not only physically but mentally because walking as an exercise helps the release of endorphins; a chemical in your body that makes you feel good. You have got to walk strong though to get your heart rate up and make your body feel like it is working towards something. A slow pace means a slow heart rate and the chance for chemical change is reduced. But that is not a problem if you want to use walking differently to me. 

Walking is also a great way to relax, to be away from noise and stress. Going for a walk somewhere can bring inspiration and clarity. It can calm you and remove anxiety. Walking at any pace can install comfort and purpose, a simple challenge of getting from A to B can be accomplished. 

Walking can be done solo or with a friend. I find that walking with someone means you don't walk as fast but you walk and talk which can be more important for your mood. Being able to talk about problems whilst walking always makes be feel like I have walked my worries away. Almost like once you have said them out loud, the wind takes them off and they can be less of a burden. 

Walking always makes me feel like I have done something, and since I have stopped going to a gym as I felt that it was a stagnant way to train, I have found walks that make me vitalised and fresh in a way the gym didn't.

I also can't get over how much more I enjoy nature and just how the day works: morning walk, midday walks or even evening walks all have something wonderful to offer views wise, and each walk always makes me glad that I just gave a bit of my time to see it. 

If you started the couch to 5k run app this January and have found it uninspiring, too hard, or too pressurised, why don't you try walking 5k 3 times a week first for a month and see how your relationship with walking for fitness changes you. I know for me, it makes a huge difference. and it is something I do to help me keep balanced.

5 reasons why walking is essential to healthy living:

It gives you balance

It gives you clarity and calm

It is a form of exercise when paced well

It helps provide a positive mood boost

It helps you appreciate nature (which is a prescribed form of medicine in some Asian countries now!)


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