Monday, 21 February 2022

Time to let in the light

And just like that we are in a new year and already in the second month. My January ended up being an extended break. I always have such a keenness to write with ideas at the ready but somehow they never made it to here. I used to be so obsessed with timelines and writing but now I find it always flows best when I am ready to share. 

January was probably one of my most favourite Januaries yet. Not because anything particularly spectacular happened, but because I feel like we were totally blessed here in Lincolnshire with absolutely glorious weather. I can count on one hand how many times it felt like it rained, but in all honesty, it felt like we just had sunshine for days. We seemed to be blessed with really wintry mornings of frost and sunlight and then cold afternoons with a low sun and clear skies. I have been out on countless walks and been able to enjoy lots of Zumba sessions outdoors with the private club I dance with. Dancing outside really is a special thing!  

I penned this post to be sharing my love for always walking where the light shines but I feel like I am always talking about that on my Instagram and I am starting to feel repetitive. So I thought I would share something that always gets a ridiculous amount of love that uses pure sunlight to make it work.

During the Christmas lockdown 2020, I purchased a couple of really cheap mirror balls. It was when we were told that Christmas was cancelled and that we pretty much just had to put up with it. These were an absolute whim purchase but one that I have been so pleased with. January 2021 really showed me how perfect these Mirror balls were as I hung them from the lamp in our living area right by the window, and as that winter sun shone lower that usual it hit them with almighty power and those mirror balls dazzled the room. Since then Rob has fitted a mini motor to the lamp as that seems to be optimum hanging point and we get sunlight on winter's days in the most spectacular way. 

What I like more than just the perfect reflections of these mirror balls is that it gives me the biggest positive mood boost. It honestly changes my day, just for a few hours I get to have the set of Strictly Come Dancing in my own living room and it can change everything. Light has always been a really important feature in my life and in our home we work hard at creating a certain atmosphere using light simply because it can really make you feel comfortable. This light though, the fun that comes from natural sunlight pouring in through the window, is just so perfect. 

So, if you have a window that gets sun during a period of the day when you are there to enjoy, hang up one of these joy makers and really feel the benefits of letting in the light. 

Mirror Ball + hanging motor = A lot of joy!

If you want to see what my home looks like when the Mirror Balls are going CLICK HERE!


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