Wednesday, 1 December 2021

MIND// Look Up

 I was speaking to a friend last week and she exclaimed that Autumn this year had been so disappointing. I laughed along politely because my character would never challenge, but inwardly thought that actually, this Autumn, had been one of the most beautiful I have experienced. After the chat I actually got thinking about why she had not seen what I had thought had been a really nice Autumn and it dawned on me that because of her job she may not have had the time to actually look up and enjoy it. 

The thing is with Autumn, it is rare that we get gifted this whole day of movie like beauty. Autumn actually gives us pockets in the day of stunning momements but just as fast as they come they can disappear. 

Autumn has been quite spectacular though and I have seen first hand the real beauty of the season. How did I do this? I stopped and looked up and most importantly, I made time to see it. Each day can pass so quickly. We can be so wrapped up in normal routines that we forget to step away from them and actually see what is really going on. When we do step away we can see really clearly the beauty of everyday because we have made the conscious choice to 'look up'. 

I was really thinking about this in the week because this is the first week in ages that the kids and I have got a pre-school walk out in the countryside. It has been beautifully clear, even frosty and we were able to capture the absolute best part of the day as on both days clouds came across and that movie like Autumn was gone. I saw it though, I saw it because I got up early and organised ourselves in a way that meant we could leave the house earlier to do it. And you know what, it was a pure breath of fresh air, like really fresh and cold, and just a moment that I could have missed but didn't. There is something about those moments that stick in your mind better than others. that's because the effort you put in means you appriciate more the result that you get. 

Our Autumn here in England has been beautiful, the change has been stunning and a real feast for your eyes. If you have missed it I am really sorry, but here is your call to action; look up, see it, be in it, you honestly don't want to miss another day.


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