Monday, 6 December 2021

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 There is no denying the season is here and everyone looks to have it all together. Am I right? 

It is so easy at this time of year to become completely overwhelmed. Trust me, you don't need to. I really wanted to reiterate that it is important you enjoy this season for you and your family. As perfect Christmas pictures start to appear all over our social media (Mine included, I know, I share these pictures) remember that whatever you do in your family has to be enough for you. We are not hosting perfect Christmases to show the world that our lives our wonderful, we need to be hosting the Christmases that we want, for us, for our family.

I was really struck by this idea this morning as I posted a picture of a hot drink in a mug, all prettily laid out. I know that for me, I have the gift of time where I can set up scenes to take these sorts of images. Having that time might also make me poorer than a lot of you but I don't mind, we all choose to live and work differently, so what you might see as a luxury for me to have the time to faff around with cups and Christmas scenes, remember that actually, I work part time due to the choices we have made for me to be available to collect our kids from school. That way of life means we don't have all the money, but we do have more time than lots of other people. 

Now I know that last paragraph might sound a bit wordy, I really don't want it too. I am not sure how else to explain that we are all living in different ways and that you shouldn't compare yourself to what is put out on on social media. 

Be you. Be living in a way that makes you there for your family, not just there for that perfect picture you can share to instagram. You make your family's Christmases special; don't compare your individual wonderfulness to anyone online!



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