Thursday, 7 October 2021

MIND // My List Of Self Care Actions

My Self Care Actions

The simplest of daily actions can lead to a transformative life. The moment you decide to give time to better yourself is the moment that you can more freely be able to help others. We always try to take on too much, to relieve other people's burdens but, actually if our own internal needs aren't being met it is really hard to wholeheartedly help others.
I thought I would just share a simple list of actions that help on a daily basis to just focus on myself and my mental health needs. All of these things help in a positive way and you might find the list helpful too and that's why I wanted to share it. 

On a morning the first thing I think about is how grateful I am to be alive

On an evening I also journal a few things from the day I am grateful for

I make time to go on a walk at least 4 times a week

I listen to audio books that will make me think more, or ones that I learn something from.

I enjoy quiet times

Take cups of tea outside

Get outside once a day as well as the walk

I never look at the weather and let that stop what I do.

I have also stopped referring to the weather as miserable or horrible. It really changes your outlook on nature.

Balanced eating. I like cakes so I eat more veggies!

Learned to coach myself down from stress or anxiety spirals.

Practice mindfulness.

Practice non judgemental living.

I have decided to learn more, further education just for me and for fun, not for a career change but to help me speak better with people and family. I am doing life coaching and mindfulness. 

 Don’t watch too much TV

Only read practical news if any

Don’t share everything on social media


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