Monday, 25 October 2021

FOOD// Autumn Apple & Cinnamon Swirl Bake

My parents have an abundance of fruit trees in their garden and when I was younger a go to staple for puddings in our house was stewed apples in crumbles, pies, by the spoonful or any way they came, we had to eat it. I hated it. In fact since leaving home I intend to pretty much never really eat apples again. What an ungrateful *****! 

The thing is, I never appreciated what a wonderful thing apples were as a child because we had to help pick them or clear the grass of them; apples became a chore and eating them reminded me of the chore. Honestly, ask Rob, for years we didn’t even make apple crumble because of it. I had no idea just how spoilt we were to have such delicious free food. 

In later years apples have become the centre of my baking. In fact they are absolutely one of my favourite things to add to food this time of year! I actually find them so comforting and as I have gotten older the more I have turned my loathing into loving and acknowledged the simple fact that all my parents were doing was establishing a love for food from nature. 

At the weekend when at my parents house I made sure to pick a bagful. I got four different varieties of cooking and eating, (fancy even having the choice) to make a selection of baked goods to share on here and Social media. 

My first offering using the Autumn harvest? Quick apple and cinnamon bun bake.

This quick dish could be covered in custard and eaten as a pudding, served fresh and hot for breakfast or even eaten simply with an afternoon coffee. It is simple, tasty and so warming that it makes you want to dive under a blanket and snuggle down all day.

What you will need;

I used 2.5 tins of Jus-Rol ready roll cinnamon swirls (or make your own if you know how)

3 sliced apples


Cinnamon powder

50g Icing sugar

What I did;

Star by turning on the oven to 180°c

Simply slice up your ready roll swirls and place on parchment paper inside a baking dish.

Then thinly slice your apples across the core so you get that lovely start effect.

Layer each slice slightly overlapping on top of your swirls in the baking dish.

Next melt a knob of butter and cinnamon powder and paste over the tops of the sliced apples. I think I did too much hence why the apples look so dark but I was really happy with the taste.

Then cook at 180°c for 40 mins.

The swirls take longer than suggested as they are covered by the apples.

As soon as they are out the oven mix your icing sugar with water to make a runny consistency and pour it all over the top of the apples.

Cut and serve. 

Hot or cold.

And then add a hot drink, romantic movie and peaceful hour to chill with.

Have a look at the pictures below to give you inspiration;

Take a look at my Instagram video of this HERE for more help.

Emily xx

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