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CREATIVE // Our Thanksgiving & Home Sewn Table Decor

Thanksgiving As A British Family

As a British family I can categorically state that we do not celebrate Thanksgiving for the same reasons as US citizens. For them, they have a history embedded within the celebrations which is a wonderful thing for the country.
We celebrate it along side our US friends as a reminder to feast together as a family and be truly grateful for what we have.

Life is so busy, we can all agree and we can find that we do not sit down together as a whole extended family all that often to recognise and celebrate all that we are thankful for.
For the past 6 years we have got together as many family members as possible (sometimes on different nights) to celebrate our version of thanksgiving. A big meal and an individual toast to each of the things in our lives we are thankful for. For each of these years it has always happened at our home, with a few extended tables and plenty of food to cover them. I find it really exciting preparing for it all, decorating and getting everything ready. To say it is easy in our small house is a lie and as the family keeps expanding I have a feeling that the church hall is probably going to be our new venue.

Over the years I have found that each thanks giving has offered me some kind of valuable learning experience. Not all positive but things I can learn from all same.

I don’t think anything will ever beat our first meal though. Etta was only a few months old and we had just finished our extension. It was the first time I had the opportunity to decorate the “new” house for an event and Rob and I were so proud of how everything looked. It was the end of a lot of work and the beginning of a new journey as parents of two little people. I will never forget my mums reaction to coming in. I thing the soft glow of the candles and the house looking fresh and new completely shocked most people. Etta was asleep in a cot in the corner and Raph at 2 and a bit was the toddler wondering around. I really clearly rember my mum saying to Rob as he worked on the food, “ Thank you for giving Emily all she has ever wanted.” The beautiful house, the children, the husband, it was all there, and it was true, it was all I ever wanted. I never expected it to appear in that way but at that point in our life, 4 years in to our marriage, that was us completely. In our little space, with our children. It was all we needed.
I think after our extension our home took on a new role that night. It became part of us and I remember that as we worked round the table and each shared what things we were thankful for the top of mine and robs list was the re-creation of the house and almost the new life we were about to have. We felt we had already achieved so much and now, six years on it is amazing to reflect on all the life changing experiences we have had since that day.

My goodness, I couldn’t even begin to write everything down but the reality is I have had a couple of big travel experiences this year which I couldn’t have even imagined 6 years ago and these things have taught me so much!

This thanksgiving is going to be a time for celebration. Another reason to get together and make sure that, as an extended family, we share a table, a simple thing that can just be forgotten about!

Making a Thanksgiving table

I thought I would share a little table "how to" as I have made my napkins and table runners for Thanksgiving this year and I am really pleased with how it looks.

For this you will need;
Fabric, I have one metre of RUST and PINK from my favourite HIGGS AND HIGGS and an Overlocker, I used the JUKI AIR THREADING OVERLOCKER

Runners: Simply cut your fabric into three lengths. My thin table suited only needing a 1m length as it was 1.45m wide.
Then overlock your edges and iron.

That is it! Just like that you have some table runners.

Napkins: The joy of the overlocker is that it does the job so simply. Cut your napkin into squares, about 40cm x 40cm and run the overlocker around the edges and iron. DONE!

Making the table is then pretty simple. Lay the runner across the table, load up with your crockery, candles and some greenery. Add in your napkins, glasses and cutlery and you are ready to fill those plates up with hot food!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and can find ways to celebrate thanksgiving in your own homes.


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