Friday, 1 November 2019

FASHION // Neutrals For Winter

Neutrals in winter may scare you, but here is how best to wear them:

For a few years now I have really enjoyed taking neutrals colours into the autumn winter. In fact, I have previously written about my love for wearing cream all year round. I love colour, I wear a lot of it, but sometimes nothing beats blending soft neutrals for that ultra chic look. Greys don’t suit me as much a brown tones do. I love the minimalist trends that use a lot of grey as their base but I find my skin tone needs the warmth of a brown. It has taken me a few years to realise this but brown colours really lift me.

As we head into the dark grey days, I find I need to just lift myself a bit more so investing in a good metallic skirt is a must. This gold one is a few years old now and I originally bought it for a party but it has been an invaluable piece in my wardrobe; the kind that is worn for all sorts of occasions and goes so well with so much. I love it styled casually and with these Grenson boots, (I know, they are going to feature lots) they bring a modern cool to the whole outfit.

For me, Autumn/ winter also means you need to up your layering game. Cashmere jumpers are always a winner; they go with everything! Investing in a wool blazer is also a good idea. This one, in a classic caramel brown colour I will use for years!
As always, building great outfits comes from enjoying your clothes. Things don’t always need to be new, just find ways to rework your items and wear them with confidence.


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