Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Why Save It For Best?

One thing I can never stray far from talking about on here is fashion. It just isn't within me not to share outfits and just how I have styled them. At the moment there is definitely a certain style I circulate around. Dresses with big jumpers! I just love the idea of layering this way and I like how in a long sleeved dress can show off the pattern of the sleeves under a sweater and it just be a little detail that pulls the outfit together. 

For me, I just can't do scruffs. I buy clothes to wear them. A long time ago I would do that thing where you keep items for special occasions but now I can't save anything. I would rather ruin something loving it than let it ruin by not wearing it. 
A few weeks ago I got questioned on why I would potter in a cashmere jumper? It really made me realise that so many people do keep things for special occasions almost, or for times of showing off and not doing general house chores. For me, if I left things in the cupboard and had "day clothes" I would own more striped bretons than Boden {not a bad thing mind} and never stray from the comfortable basics. I buy clothes to enjoy them and a lot of the time it is not for others' enjoyment either, just my own. Yes, I buy for sharing, but often things I really love won't appear on any picture as they are for me for my own enjoyment. 
 BODEN have taken this ethos into their new range and are talking about living now. Why wait? What are we waiting for? Have nice things and love them right now! With this in mind they were kind enough to gift me a few outfits which I certainly won't be keeping for special occasions, in fact, I wore this very dress with my wellies the other day as I had some planting to do! It will wash, I just loved it so much I didn't want to take it off!

For me, this combination is great. A midi length dress, the layer of a roll neck and with the stretchy ankle boots {which aren't too high} I have found myself wearing this outfit again and again. it is comfortable, practical {for me} and looks so nice with the autumn colourings around us! And I haven't even mentioned it has pockets{!}, a woman's best friend!!

I know I love to layer with coats and jackets but sometimes it's just nice to pull on a jumper and feel equally fancy!


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