Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Homemade Firelighters {Keep Yourself Warm}

Now, this isn't an 'up yours' to ZIP firelighters, as they've saved the day for so many barbecues in Britain over the years. I just know how much flammable material we throw away that is great for lighting fires and if you, like us, use a wood burner daily in winter, the cost of firelighters will mount up, so I decided to make my own. I sometimes just use some paper and a plastic meat container from last night's dinner, but this method is better as you don't need anything else; not even paper or kindling if your wood is dry.

You'll need: 
Egg boxes
Saw dust/shavings from wood splitting/cutting
Wax/old candles

Fill the egg boxes with the wood shaving, then melt some wax in a pan and pour it over the top. I don't bother using a bain marie it as it takes too long, so just take care (I use the same pan each time and only for melting wax, then just store it separate.) You can use old candles for this which I try to smash up a bit first as it helps it melt quicker. 

If you have good scissors you can cut them. Failing that, just tear one of as you need it.


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