Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Dressing With A Happy Colour & Not Feeling I Have To Fit

I don't know if it was the sunshine or the sudden sprouting of sunflowers that made a colour really pop into my life and wardrobe. I usually steer away from yellows (she says even though she owns that amazing yellow dress from M&S last year) but really, it has never been a colour I head to for all sorts of reason. 

JUMPSUIT: ASOS {available in standard, tall and curve}

Usually I find I like mustard, more in the autumn months, as I love fashion shades that represent the seasons. With your oranges and rusty colours really popping onto the scene it was inevitable that my wardrobe was going to really represent the coming season but this specific jumpsuit has sat in my ASOS basket for weeks and weeks before I purchased it! I just didn't know if it was me or indeed if I could pull it off. These fashion worries affect most of us. We start to recoil at the fact people might look at us and actually really like what we are wearing. Why am I so scared to go out of my comfort zone when I am quite a confident dresser?

I know that for me, inevitably it is my strive to not be laughed at. That moment that takes you right back to school where you re-live all those awful, girly teenage emotions. I am a grown woman, those shouldn't affect me now but with all the media pushing perfection the thoughts creep in and I feel that what I share should be "perfect".

The thing is, no media push or inner worry can take away from the feeling of genuinely feeling good. In fact, sometimes all it takes is for you to look at yourself and love what is looking back to make anything look good. I love this jumpsuit and I think that shows. I loved it when I saw it online and got the fear due to my own insecurities but as soon as it was on I loved it again. 

I think what I am trying to say is if you love it; wear it. It is your confidence that carries any outfit and the happier you make the outfit the happier you feel. Colour for me is the best way to make an outfit happy and yellow fruits have set me off this summer!
Enjoy fashion, don't fear and wear what you want to wear, just be happy that the only person you need to like it is yourself!

PHOTOS by Charlotte Jacklin


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