Saturday, 14 March 2020

LIFESTYLE // Some Thoughts & Help on The CoronaVirus COVID 19

Some Thoughts & Help On The Coronavirus

What a funny old week hey? I had a bit of a break unintentionally because I just got a bit busy with life but I really wanted to come online and say a few things about my thoughts on CV19.
It is a really hard time at the moment for all of us. Living in this weird limbo not quite knowing how to act.
All I would say is that we need to just use our common sense. Like all illnesses that you wouldn’t want to pass on, keep your germs to yourself. It is really simple. If you have people in your life who would be considered vulnerable, think about how your actions may affect them. Not only do we need to protect ourselves but the key in this is actually protecting others. It is a real time of care, a time when we can all act out of love and selflessness.

If you feel you need to provide more for yourself buy buying extra food, that is ok, but in your over buying don’t deprive others. Buy enough for you to avoid the shops for a few weeks, let’s be realistic, I don’t want to be in a supermarket at the best of times so a big shop that will last a couple of weeks is a fair thing to do.

Look after your mental health and the mental health of others. Do not scare monger. Share actuate facts to avoid anxiety, and just be conscious of offering support not encouraging fear. For extra help read this Article by Country Living on Coronavirus Anxiety.

If you need to self isolate then do, but enjoy the fresh air, be out in the garden, enjoy walks in nature, these little things will make you feel better and we are entering one of the prettiest seasons, enjoy those daffs!

If you are ill, just be careful, you know how to treat the CV19 (2 weeks isolation) but it is not the only illness around! All illnesses can have detrimental effects so keep healthy with a good diet and cleanliness.

Just try to find the joy in all of this. It is scary and seems a mess but we are clever people and we will be able to work through this. Look after each other. ♥️

I put this post out on Instagram but I thought I would also publish it here with some links to helpful articles. Let me know any others and I will add them in!

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Hope all of the above helps. Keep calm friends.



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