Saturday, 21 March 2020

FASHION // Reinventing My Hair In Different Ways

Reinventing my hair styles in the easiest way.

Man, I am so past styling my hair with instruments. I wash my hair on an evening, sit in front of the fire whilst watching TV to dry it and then just straighten my fringe each morning. I do nothing. Seriously, hair styling can be such a chore and really, with life right now, I am just done with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do a good blow dry when I have time but day to day, that time doesn’t exist so I have found myself in the above cycle.

That all said, a few months ago I started doing that thing we all do when we get to a stage with our hair that we want to just cut it all off. Now, I am so glad I didn’t. Instead, I have been purchasing some amazing hair accessories to jazz up my locks and I absolutely love it.

I wanted to share some products and even just some photo ideas of how I am wearing my hair most days. The best thing is, hair accessories are very in fashion right now so there are a host of examples around. That also means that there are some amazing sale bargains, as hair accessories have a fashion cycle too (apparently) which is how I have been buying quite a few of mine.

I love wearing my hair in a pretty basic down style but by having a 90s Rachel cut ('Friends' fans know the one I mean) with a full fringe means that my hair is cut with some nice layers off my fringe and I find that an up-do sits well and frames my face nicely.

Whether you are wearing hair clips just on the sides or dressing up with a fancy scrunchy, hair accessories are a great way to just feel a little more put together.

So below are 7 examples (yes, one for every day of the week) on how you can make your hair look fancy by just adding a little bit of jazz!

What to know my favourite places to shop hair accessories?

Right now (21.3.2020) all these shops have got great sales on so may be worth a little look if you want to ABJ (Always Be Jazzy)!


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