Monday, 16 December 2019

CREATIVE // Paper Snowflakes; The Simplest Of Decorations

Simple Seasonal Activities

I have to say, I have taken a step back this season and am just enjoying the simplicity of Christmas time. Being at home is my favourite and during the week when we have work and kids clubs I find that at the weekends I never get that pull to have to go out. Instead, and more recently I have been enjoying the fruits from an advent calendar my Mum gave me. This is an activity based advent calendar and it has been our best one ever. I absolutely love it and have found that it has enabled me to put into place something that I have long wanted to do, make advent a time for doing activities with each other, not singularly. 
The advent calendar I am referring to is this Advent Activity Calendar which each day gives you something to do and is really the reason why I am writing this post.
One of the early day's activities was to make paper snowflakes and I have to admit, I haven't made these for years, as in decades and I can't actually believe it. In fact I felt horribly guilty that Raph knew how to make them from making them at school and not in the family home but it is just one of those things.

Anyway, guilt aside, we have absolutely loved making them together and honestly can't stop!
Obviously this isn't a how to post but simply a little reminder of just how good these are to make and how you can display them around the home.
For us, it has been a nice activity, one that I hope we can keep doing for a good many years and only get better at.
As a little top tip, once cut, give them an iron and they will stay flat. Place a piece of paper over the top as you iron to protect them.

What to do with your Paper snowflakes

I decided to hang our paper snowflakes over our dining table. I knew that I wanted to display them in some way but just hadn't anticipated that over the table would be the best place. I still need to plan a Christmas table arrangement and redo the fireplace with fresh greenery but at the moment these snowflakes look awesome and it is nice having something the kids and I made as such a decorative feature. I used white tack and white thread to suspend them all. It has worked out so well! 

If you are looking for a simple and fun activity, get out the sheets of white paper and get cutting!


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