Sunday, 15 December 2019

CREATIVE // A Christmas List & Homemade Pyjamas

Making a wish list and some simple pyjamas bottoms.

As we head into the final full week before Christmas day I thought I would share with you where we are as a family currently. The children have written their Christmas letters to St.Nick and have both asked for 3 things. 3 things that very much suit their characters and three things that reminded me that they are still children without any technological needs which is really refreshing. I think it was Giulietta's gift list that made me really smile, She wants roller skates, PROPER ballet shoes (i.e. ones with ribbon ties, not her usual elastic ones) and a ballet tutu. They are all things I am sure I asked for in my youth. I specifically remember one Christmas getting a very, very expensive ballet tutu. I only found out how expensive it was later in life but I remember how beautiful it was. I also remember getting roller skates which I played with for hours and hours. All my siblings and I had them through our lives and begged our parents to tarmac our gravel drive so we could use it as a skating surface, needless to say they didn't! Raph's list is so him; a Nerf crossbow, a remote control car and some lego. That boy is very predictable if nothing else. I was relieved that neither list contained anything "grown up". Our children know where we stand as parents on gaming / tablets and I am thankful that they understand that right now that is not what they need to have fun. 
They break up for school this week and I can't wait for their carol concert, it is a fitting end to the school term and it means we can get away from school that bit earlier which always feels like a bonus. Once that is all done it means that we can relax into the Christmas holidays and begin our celebrations with no thoughts of school looming over us. 
With that in mind we plan to watch loads of Christmas movies, eat plenty of my cinnamon biscuits and spend time seeing family and enjoying the fact that we all get a bit of time off work. Rob usually takes around 2 weeks which is just amazing and it feels like a real luxury to have him around for all that time. 

There is still time to 'make', ready for Christmas

I thought I would share a quick sewing project that you yourself can also enjoy in time for Christmas. I whipped up some basic PJ bottoms for the kids in a lovely brushed cotton fabric. They seemed like a nice way for them to have something made (they really love anything I sew for them) and I was even surprised at just how easy they were to make.

You Need:
A sewing machine {I have the JUKI DX7}
Elastic for the waist

I am not going to offer you a step by step guide because the pattern pack does that for you. I am however going to tell you that this truly is a simple pattern and I really found it easy to follow as a complete novice sewer. 
What I found easiest was that for the first time, the cutting out was simple. I suppose it is a basic idea, but it really was a pattern that as soon as I started working on it I understood what I needed to do.
I have to say I made one adjustment. As Etta was a bit in between the suggested sizes I actually put a roll hem on the bottom cuffs of the trousers rather than a turned hem. This is because I wanted to make them so they could be rolled up to make them shorter and then rolled down as she grew. I thought the rolled hem would work best for this.
Other than that, here are some pictures of the kids modelling them and being thoroughly pleased they have some Christmas pyjamas.

Head into Christmas with the right attitude

With all sorts of things going on it seems right to end with a reminder to just enjoy this whole season  and not focus on just one day. Christmas day is just a small part of a bigger picture so remember to enjoy each day in the lead up to the actual day itself and enjoy the celebrations as they continue to the new year.


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