Thursday, 17 September 2015

#mamasblooms Hydrangea special!

So this week I have had some amazing Hydrangeas at home and I noticed how many of you have been featuring them in your homes.
Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers and I love September time as it appears to be when you can get sturdy heads that dry well. I have been able to dry home cut heads and shop bought ones recently and I have had a few people ask how, so I thought I would share my florist's knowledge!

I have always found that the easiest way to dry Hydrangea is buy placing a stem, cut at a angle, in a vase in an inch of water. I don't know the science, but Hydrangea will keep perfectly in the inch of water for a week or so and then should naturally start to dry. I don't think heat makes too much of a difference but I am sure the warm afternoons we have been having with have helped. I recently dried a head from the garden in no water but it was small with tiny petals and I think by September they have already started drying on the plant.
Now not every type will dry. Unfortunately it is the soft pale colours that I find are the worst. Your deep blue, green and red (if you are lucky enough to get some) dry the best. I find green do it nearly every time. 
The best thing to do it just to test. I can't promise anything but little vases dotted about the place in different temperatures will allow you to have a good try.

We all must be sensing the love as my partner in this Nanda also had some in her home!

As there were so many I thought I would just do a Hydrangea collection to share with you.

These are all fab, ladies! Thank you all, for contributing with all of the beautiful different types of flowers around!

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