Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Beach days and the end of the summer.

When we were in Norfolk on holiday we took a little trip to Sheringham to the beach. The day started off really overcast but there wasn't much surprise there as it is the British summer time. 
We headed across the pebbles to find some rockeries for crabbing, donned in wellies and coats. 
Unbelievably this is our first trip to the beach this summer. I know right, crazy! It just is ones of those things. I suppose the coast by us doesn't particularly call us to it and when you have swimming every week that urge to splash in water gets filled. With our building project and Rob working, we just didn't go and it wasn't until I was sat watching these three that it dawned on me! The summer has gone and this was our first and probably last trip to the beach this year!! Bad, bad, bad! I think Rob and I were probably secretly holding out for a spontaneous trip to Cornwall to surf the waves but that didn't happen either!!

What I loved most about this beach was that it was half pebble and then onto sand. I'm not the biggest sand fan. It is just one of those things that is great if you can rinse it all off properly, but otherwise it just gets everywhere. I am not one of those women whose hair looks better with salt water; nope, not really a beach babe! Those pebbles may be an inconvenience to some, but for me they were a welcome treat!

I loved the surroundings of where we were too. We had to walk down a jetty which I am sure had been used early that morning to haul a catch of fresh fish up. Looking around at the stacks of rusty anchors, bubble buoys and pulleys pretty much set the scene of an active beach. 

Bright beach huts lined the shore line and bunting decorated each one. Discovering that I wasn't the only person who liked bright red was also a bonus. I wonder if ZARA took their Autumn Winter inspiration from such ideas?

After a morning of coffee and hot chocolates the sun shone down in the afternoon and once the sandcastles had been made the kids and Rob took to the water, in pretty much nothing (yes Rob, your shorts are short) and had the full experience of being at a beach and swimming in the sea.

What a precious day to help celebrate our little holiday. A real beach adventure and even though our only trip to the coast, it was very special and very memorable as the day Etta swam naked in the North Sea!

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