Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Scandi Bed

My mind is a bit bedroom themed at the minute. I have had a lovely opportunity with Laura Ashley to try out some of their paint which led to me recreating our bedroom. It was all for their blog, but there were a few things that we have done as extras to actually make sure the bedroom became something we really wanted. I am sure you will see the full room makeover soon but something I really wanted to share with you was our bed. Rob, in his brilliance, turned our old, curved, traditional, shabby chic bed into something a little more Scandiavian to suit our newer tastes. Since our trip to Copenhagen I think we can both safely say that we were truly inspired by their style and design and have really tried to let that influence our home. We have introduced much sleeker shapes within our furniture choices and we have definitely minimised a lot to give us a lot of clear space. 
I think Rob has particularly enjoyed any opportunity to work with wood because of it and re-fashioning our bed into something different was a great opportunity to practise this. 
Our bed frame was originally from ebay. We needed a wooden bed that we could cut ourselves when we moved into the attic to allow it to fit well under the roof eve. Having a wooden frame meant that we could change it to how we needed it to be and once it was sized I painted it white and finished it with a distressed look. A style which I used to love but have most certainly moved away from. That, in itself, annoyed me about the bed. Rob used to always refer to it as shabby shit because he hated how unfinished things looked. I really liked it, but it very much was me circa 2009/10/11 and actually my tastes have changed. I really like the solid finish so the bed needed sorting one way or another. I also wanted to lose the foot board as I always sat on it and it caught me in the most painful way. The headboard, well, it was curved and outdated to how the house now is. It just needed changing and whilst I was out one night Rob actually just got on and created something I could have never imagined. Actually my idea was different but because he is so creative, what he created was better than the original idea.
So, we kept the original frame. The foot board curve was trimmed down and recovered with some MDF. This was to cover a decorative groove that went across the whole bed and to hide the cutting. A piece went over the front and across the top. It was fixed with small nails and wood glue.
We also cut off the decorative balls on the end of the posts. This was a straight cut and slightly raised against the foot board. It meant that overall this was much lower than the mattress but kept the same height as the side panels. 
The head board was similar. We cut the bed posts down to make it cornered and fit a new head board over the original. Rob made the board by hand, fixing wood panels that had come from an old unit he salvaged. He made a frame for the panel then screwed it to the original headboard covering the curve. 
I painted the whole frame in PALE CHARCOAL FURNITURE PAINT apart from the head board. 
Once I added the nude coloured bed sheet and matching pillows{from Primark} and then the dark grey bedding {from Dunelm} it really brought that Scandiavian look together. With the dark teal cushions {£5 from Primark} it really set it off well against the rest of the room. 
We are both so pleased with how it looks and Rob is articually pleased with how effective the wooden head board is. One project that we both can take so much pride in!


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