Thursday, 23 November 2017

Investing in a good coat {Checks}. #1

I have been wanting to write about this for weeks. It is the season after all and as coats are one of my absolute favourite items {I could easily buy one a week} I wanted to share a few I have in a series of posts. More because I want to talk about investing in good, but on trend coats and seeing how you can wear them. The problem is, if you follow the fashion world you often find that coats don't last through the years in the same way as buying a classic cut in a classic colour does. I have a strong feeling that after this year my red coat probably won't be worn again, but I know, my caramel, nude or navy ones will see me through year on year. I suppose I just know come next year there will be a new colour that is popping on the high street, so knowing me, I will follow trend and and buy a new "fashion" coat. This year it is very much about red, but also about what goes with red. The very old fashion Prince of Wales check is very much on the scene too and is being teamed with this colour in a big way. Now if you are not familiar it is a classic black and white knit that can be large or big in check and can often then have other colours running through. Most popular at the moment are actually mustard and burgundy colours or you may find they are pretty simple like mine. I actually have the faintest pink stitch on mine, but you can't actually tell. So naturally, this coat is making more and more appearances as the more I wear it, the more other items I think to wear it with. I really love the cut too; very simple, straight and unfitted really and I just really love how it looks. One colour is showing up with all my looks though and that is red. As I said, with it being a popular colour I am so attracted to the check and red together. My first outfit is about keeping it easy. Trainers, tees and checks, I don't think you can beat it. 

I'm wearing:
COAT / TEE / SHOES / BAG {Primark}

Similar coats I love:


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