Thursday, 16 November 2017

Living with a blogger

When Emily decided to start a blog, I, of course, just said ''Go for it, Emily.'' Now we've been doing it for a while and it's a very interesting concept. Blogging has pretty much turned the advertising, marketing and photography professions on their heads. Sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the unfair critique. We started it to have a nice journal of our family life, to get some ''free'' stuff and to share Emily's love for photography. But the main goal was the journal of photographs. As a consequence of its success we often take photos of us in clothes we like, but provided by companies. Obviously, when you are showing off clothes for a company, you need a nice setting, a stage if you will. But Emily is one of those people who, if she's going to do it, it will be stylish and it will be real. I think so many pictures on so many blogs are just not their real lives; they are stages for photos and we all know they are. This is not a criticism of others, more a defense of what we do. When we take pictures of something we've made: we've made it. When we take a picture of our lounge; it is our lounge. If you walked into our house right now, it would look the same as photos of it. 
I think some think it's too hard to live in a stylish way, it's too much effort. Living with Emily, care is taken to make everything look cool. If you're using cutlery, why not use cool cutlery? If you're wearing clothes, why not wear something nice?
And that is what is so great about Emily's blogging, parenting and lifestyle. It is stylish and real, but it is how we choose to live. 


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