Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Investing in a good coat {Checks} #3

OK. So this is my third and final post on my checked coat. It will probably appear again at some point, especially if I style it with a colour other than red or black, but hey, I like what I like and I have found that I clearly like wearing this coat with those colours!
This is my favourite look by far though. Why? Because I am bringing back the beret! Oh my goodness, when I saw these on some high end bloggers I literally couldn't believe it. Sat in my hat basket I had two berets which I bought when I was first dating Rob. I used to love them! I always wore them and in fact made sure to take these and a very sparkly one {which I got rid of years ago and am now regretting} onto our French honeymoon. I had only really kept this red one and a black one for nostalgic reasons, and I suppose, deep down I knew I really liked them and hoped I would wear them again. And here we are, 2017 and the beret is "back in fashion" so they say and by that I mean so trendy that you can pick one up easily on the high street! Even though my beret, stud ankle boots and checked coat made me feel like an art student from the 80s/90s, I must say I instantly loved wearing it again. My love affair with checks and red can continue and this is very much going to be a repeated outfit, I can tell now!
I seriously love this coat. I don't think I have said that enough. Part of me wants one with more colours in since seeing a few different ones come out in the shops, I always rush in, but really this is so good with so much. A simple style which really can sit in my cupboard and come out over and over again. It shouldn't go out of fashion; checks are so classic but I really like that its popularity makes it accessible and means that we can all enjoy a bit of checkered fashion.
I also just want to mention my perfectly colour co-ordinated bag! Could it match any better?? I have long loved Cambridge Satchel Company and this is my fourth bag from them. My first, I must have got a good few years ago now, I think long before children when they burst onto the scene. They are still making beautiful styles, keeping up with the trends and producing new designs that are still so desirable. This year though, as I have waffled on and on about the colour red, it seemed fitting that I added a good quality red leather bag to my collection. Not only is red the colour of the season but in reality, there is always a place for red in your wardrobe, especially at this time of year, after all, it is pretty much the colour that symbolises Christmas so I feel very ready for the season with this one! In this case though, it is pretty perfect for combining with my check coat and red beret. What a perfectly vintage arty feel!

I'm wearing:
COAT / BOOTS / similar JUMPER / JEANS{old}/ BAG

* The bag was a gift from Cambridge Satchel Company to share on my blog.

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