Monday, 20 November 2017

Faux Fur Fashion {Ft. NEXT}

If you haven't got a bit of fake fur in your life, seriously you need some. I am a big advocate to a bit of fluff, and whether it's for the house in the form of a faux sheepskin rug or in the fashion line by way of a coat, you need some. As soon as I put a bit of fluff on everything just feels so snuggly. It's a really tactile fabric and if you have been in any high street store recently you will have seen a bit.
I have seen loads I like but have always come back round to this pink gilet I have. This must be about 4 years old now and NEXT obviously don't stock it anymore. But, I must say, I have been really tempted by all the lovely shades around. I don't wear this one enough anyway. It is a bit statement being pink and therefore goes with a selection of items, but not all. I suppose I feel very fancy in it too, maybe a little too fancy! I do love it though and feel like it was a great purchase all those years ago as it comes out every winter and still looks great! 
In January this year I also made it a mission to try to pick up a faux fur coat in the sales. I did; it is a lovely grey/brown. I did it as I had seen a few big bloggers wearing some and knew it would be a big trend for this winter. I am glad I picked up a bit of a bargain now as I see all the shops stocking them at pretty extravagant prices!
Faux fur though is one of those things you need to spend a bit of money on. It has to be soft and you don't want it matting, so watch out for cheap ones. I think my gilet was about £35 when I got it and the coat was £100 {full price} and they are still, to this day the softest, fluffiest jackets ever. 
I have been looking around at some other examples as I know mine isn't available and there are so many nice styles. Places like TOPSHOP , NEXTNEW LOOK and M&S all have their own version but if you are looking for a pink one like mine, try this STRADIVARIUS one. 
I must say, styling it is easy. Any denim will go with it as a perfect complement, blue especially for pinker colour fur and for me, nothing beats mixing soft colour with soft colours so my grey jumper is perfect, but lovely creams and beiges would work well also.
I am wearing:

* Post in collaboration with NEXT. Jeans, Jumper and Bag were a gift.

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