Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Christmas At Our House.

I'm afraid that's it, I have been waiting to start sharing and boy am I going too. For the first time in years I have been desperate to get the Christmas decorations out and for once I listened to myself. I usually start taking pictures after thanksgiving but this year I actually started before as I was just too busy to plan time in and wait and that meant that inevitably, Christmas decorations have been out and styled up much earlier than usual. We also had our first official Christmas movie night which I am afraid really kick started it {even though Rob and I have been watching Christmas24 films for 2 weeks}.
I know, it has just hit me this year and I think it is because we have a huge event happening just before Christmas which has completely changed everything. We are off on our Mark Warner Ski holiday and it's gonna be intense, but as of today, all Christmas shopping is done and nearly wrapped which is something I have never done in the whole of my life, What am I gonna do for the next three weeks? Oh that's right, advent, pantos, nativity, reindeer parades.... the list is endless and that's why I needed to enter into December really ready for Christmas.

As a blogger I find I naturally set scenes a bit earlier anyway, so I can have pictures to use and inspire others' creativity {at least I hope I do that anyway} so I do get that bit more excited slightly earlier than most. As I said, because our our holiday I feel since that's been finalised in the last few weeks I am totally ready to start celebrating the season. Rightly or wrongly we naturally have and I have really enjoyed delving into the cupboard and pulling out our very familiar decorations.
What is nice is I think my Christmas decorations are a style that I still love. From our first Christmas when I got most of our baubles I have always used the same and just added little extras here and there. I always have a strong white theme but this year thanks to a few purchases over the last few months there is a lovely gold element via candles and and a few new deer and a soft grey colour has also crept in. I keep it simple though; no real amounts of red anywhere, in decoration form anyway, as I always found it just didn't suit us in the way I wanted it to.

Simple, non fussy and with a hint of nature is how I like it, obviously that includes nice metallics but nothing too garish. At the moment it is the fireplace and kitchen shelf that have main displays. The kids' room has a few bits and I have put up our advent calendar which is always quite a spectacular feat to do anyway. This year it looks just as exciting as last.

 Advent is such a great time and I love the little celebrations each day {that reminds me I must get out my advent candles!} so having a bit of decoration out for the 1st of December is quite important.
This year as well I have really been drawn to Christmas pyjamas. Now that is a new thing, I am never that bothered but I now have three pairs!! A couple were gifted, but this pair from JOULES I bought after walking past the store window and just thought they looked fab! The display pulled me right in and I couldn't resist! While I was there I also picked up their new Christmas book which is so lovely, it is such a nice addition to our library and the illustrations are beautiful.

With life swiftly moving on and I myself find that time is just disappearing, I am trying to live very much each day as it comes. With family life hectic and work busy, my feet aren't even that close to the ground but driving home from the school run today I had some Christmas songs on and was just reminded about the real beauty behind the season. I almost felt quite emotional about all that is to come and very much the reason for the season. My Catholic faith stands so prominent at this time of year and even though I get wrapped up in all of the material, and enjoy it, I love the small reminders that Christmas is a time to celebrate that Christ was born.
Oh bring on the 1st!


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