Monday, 6 November 2017

Fake Botanicals

You will know by now that I like to have plants around the house. The main areas are the sitting room, kitchen and now our bedroom. Not only is it a hot home trend right now but I find it so nice having plants about and instantly adding nature to a room. I love fresh flowers also but I think it is the life span of a plant which is so much more appealing. It's easily been over a year now since I started introducing plants around the house and I have added to what I had in a big way. I actually find the bigger plants much easier to look after; they don't require any real care apart from a jug of water every few weeks but that isn't even routine for me. Small succulents have done well also and I have learned that these don't really like any water. They are much happier on their own and I have a few in the kitchen and in the bathroom, so damper rooms in that way, and I think they really thrive in those environments. This summer I purchased a couple of new plants for the kitchen and I had some gorgeous new gold hangers. I had found a "String Of Hearts" plant in Cornwall which I ever so carefully got back home. Needless to say, it did not like life here. I think I over watered it, even though that was quite a minimal thing, it was just not happy so I had to cut it back and leave it in hope that one day it might resprout. I also bought a small Ivy to go in a hanger in the kitchen and again, it only lasted a couple of months before I cut it and took it outside. 
Not really knowing what to then have for these hangers, I started looking at other botanicals. I really wanted something long so its vines would overflow the plant pot and as I looked I basically got scared about spend £10-£20 on more plants that might just die.
I decided to try some fake "String Of Pearl" strands and see if they looked good enough to pass off as real. I found some on AMAZON which gave two bunches for £10.99. I pretty much thought that it was a great price to try out something that could work and look great and if it didn't I could rework into something else. Anyway, these were a really nice set. Two bunches of the big strands and a few smaller ones; all you are able to manipulate as they are on wire, and then just drop so you get that real hanging effect. I was so pleased, I went and got another two packs. Part of me thought I would just use one for now, and just have the other to be able to decorate with, but I have set them both up in pots and I wanted to share how I did it.
Basically as they are just wire I filled my container with some sand and then some small rocks from the garden. I then just bent the stems so they could be placed in a scooping way into the sand and under the rocks. My pots are quite high sided so the burst of the each stem sat at the right height of the top of the container. I just fiddled with the shorter branches so they look sprightly and let the the rest fall naturally. These fake plants look so good and will work so well in the kitchen and now in our bedroom. I am so pleased I came across them and had the confidence to buy. 


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