Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ballet Shoes Pink Handbag & An Outfit To Match

We really do keep being lucky with the weather here. There is this soft warmth that hits around lunchtime at the moment and it is just so nice to be able to shake off the morning chill. 
I was thinking recently about how much I had been enjoying my ballet fit classes I had started attending. I haven't got there in the last week because of half term and I really missed it. I must say I did start it in the hope of it being slightly less intensive than it is but no ballerina ever said ballet was easy; they just make it look incredibly easy! I am far away from the sugar plum fairy routine I would like to do but I can feel all the stretching getting easier as time goes by which means something is happening. 
I also don't get to prance around in a tutu and ballet shoes, much to my dismay. Sport gear is very much needed for this class. Maybe one day though, after 10 years of intensive training!!
Being realistic though, it is just a nice class which is getting me doing something different and even though the term Ballet makes loads of different emotions flow about pretty pink tutus and ballet shoes, it seems that I am getting my fix of more ballerina colours from beautiful everyday items like this perfect DeMellier pink bag. It's always the small details that make the biggest impact and DeMellier have that in abundance. Not only is this the softest leather bag I have ever held, but the interior details are just perfect. With compartments for just about everything and real attention to detail this DeMellier number is perfect for every girl. What's more important to mention is, like some other famous brands, every DeMellier bag sold gives a child in need important health care in countries where otherwise they would be left very, very ill. I love things like that. I often feel price reflects hard work and craftsmanship, but in this case there is a lovely payback feeling you get with it too.

Anyway, that all aside, I have found that its soft shade is lending itself to simple outfits and, in fact, this one in particular, which I have been waiting to share. Wintery whites is a theme I am looking forward to wearing a bit this year. Having already been made aware that you have to keep this style to dry days only (it was raining when we took these pictures}. On those perfectly dry but cold days this season I am really looking forward to wearing much lighter colours in a more neutral pallet. something about these creamy colours just look so light and fresh which is a perfect break against the grey skies and dark evenings.

My H & M Monkey Skirt is actually one of my favourite skirts ever. I find you have to size up in H&M but the fit is perfect and the print {which I originally thought was ugly} is in fact really nice and the shades of creams and browns are ideal for matching with soft pinks! With my NEXT Pink Boots also, you get that softness in shade and material. Being real suede they are obviously, a gorgeous texture and often help outfits look beautiful. Just something about good fabrics.

Like I said, I am really wanting to wear whiter shades this winter and with style choices like this, it gets me excited to make sure I am conscious on those dry days to lighten it up a bit!



  1. What a gorgeous bag in such a soft but versatile shade. I've been eyeing a DeMellier London Manhattan bag for a while. What do you think of the quality of the bag? It complements your outfit perfectly (and you look fab) x

    1. Kate, oh it's just beautiful, I mean perfect. Inside there are little compartments all labeled, just really nice attention to detail! Xx

  2. Hello, do you know we're can I buy
    that skirt please? I don't mind if it's in second hand Thank you so much


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