Thursday, 10 October 2019

MIND // The New school Year & My New Opportunities

The new season has begun!

We are here again. Another school year has begun and as we get slowly back into routine I feel as though life has started again in a new way. I think every year should start in-line with the school year. Winter is so bleak so celebrating New Year's then seems so bizarre. All the people who want to keep fit have to do so in the worst conditions so I often focus a lot of my energy into September being a new starting point. I think really it is ingrained from our school days; that first step back into the school hall, everything clean and ready for another year, our attitudes fresh and positive (or hopeful) for a good year at school. I know I hated education but I remember going into each year with the want to improve and try my best.
 September seems a great time in the year for this new beginning, mainly because our environment changes so drastically. The cool air and orange trees are such a new sight after a long spring / summer that almost propels us forward naturally and react with these new beginning emotions.
Maybe it depends what point in life you are at. I know I feel it really resonates with the return to school: all the prep work of uniform shopping pays off as you see the kids dressed and ready after a summer of shorts and sandals. It is almost at that point when you realise they have grown, have developed, are changing and maybe it is in the trip to school that you have the "here we go again" moment and witness the new start.
I find that getting back into the swing of things takes a few days. We started back mid-week which I always struggle with as our routine can't start properly as it is already messed up. But now, having started full weeks at school I feel like we are already slipping nicely back into what was normal life. 
It isn't just the children who benefit from this new start theory, but I also got a new job which has just started too. I love working. It is one of those things that I have never shied away from and I find that working for someone else can often be inspiring. I am going to be Assistant Editor on CHARLOTTEJACKLIN.COM which will involve writing copy and taking pictures. Also, set designs and image compositions. I am really looking forward to working on this locally and already am enjoying my 10 minute commute and office lunches! It will change how I work here but life does that and I am OK with it! 
With all these new season feelings I am finding that I have an energy and drive to do. Not do the pots mind, but definitely do life!


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