Sunday, 10 February 2019

3 Ways To Wear Dresses Over Jeans!

I have been finding more in the back of my wardrobe to re-wear in new ways. 

As soon as I saw the pictures for this post it confirmed for me the importance of offering my readers ideas. All the dresses in this post are old ones which I know can be quite frustrating if you want to purchase but the point is that it offers you ideas on how to restyle something you already own. The reality is we have enough and every week I can’t share brand new things as it can make this lifestyle I want to portray unachievable for so many. The idea is that I can share new and old things and offer you similar items if you are looking to buy! That's the plan anyway so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

This week I wanted to follow on from some feedback from my last fashion post. It seems so many of you loved the red dress over the jeans (see here) so I thought this week I would share how easy it is to style 3 different cuts of dresses over jeans. As I said, these dresses are from my wardrobe, purchased some time ago and not worn to their full potential. 

In fact, this first dress, a Paisley one from a supermarket has sat in my wardrobe unworn since I bought it. If only I had known to pair it with jeans like this, it could have had 6 months of wear instead of six months of hanging!
This dress sits so well over some cropped jeans. I love flashing my ankles and due to the hanky hem of this dress, putting the jeans under it makes it pop more than I could have ever imagined. With nude heels I have created a long leg which makes the whole outfit flow. The nature of the dress fabric is floaty and soft so in the spring breeze it will blow nicely around you.
What makes this dress sit well over jeans is that it doesn’t pinch at the waist. Much like the RED DRESS previously, that wider waistband lends itself to sitting nicely over the top of my jeans creating a feminine flow. I love how this looks!

SIMILAR DRESS // JEANS {mine were gifted} // SIMILAR SHOES

I have a range of dresses; some that wouldn’t sit right over jeans at all but what I learned from these three is that it is all about how you style them. This shirt dress is another great example. Really I am wearing it like a shirt, I have undone all the skirt buttons to my waist so it sits open and teaming it with smarter black jeans and a black blazer makes it a much smarter look. Once again nude shoes are necessary as the dress is already full of attention seeking elements. I love how this one sits, I have quite a few button up dresses, especially summer ones so I'll be able to pull them back out of the wardrobe and wear them in a new way; a great way to make sure you re-wear.

DRESS {sale}// JEANS {mine were gifted} // SHOES {similar}// BLAZER {similar}

My third outfit choice shows off one of Marks & Spencer sought after dresses from September last year. This was a huge hit and sold out very quickly but just by coincidence (and not realising its popularity) I got myself one. I think I kept it because I realised everyone wanted one. But the reality is, I have hardly worn it because it isn’t the right length for me! I am way too picky, but as soon as I pulled it on with jeans for this post it almost gave me a new reason to wear it! You can’t get away from leopard print ever, it is always going to be a popular print and this dress is beautiful but I feel even more comfortable in it now having restyled it to suit my current tastes!!

RED VERSION OF DRESS // JEANS {Gifted} // JACKET {similar} // SHOES {Gifted}

So three different dresses destined to live a life unworn have now got reason to come out of the wardrobe.

Key elements to think about when wearing dresses over jeans; the cut of the jean I think best will be cropped flare, cropped straight and skinny jeans.

Plain shoes, if you haven't got nude/pale pink/beige heels or flats you need to get some, they will go with everything!
Make sure your dress hemline is shorter than your jeans length.
Don’t wear dresses with a really fitted skirt over jeans as it will probably highlight the jeans buckles etc. underneath!

To help you recreate my outfits I have found similar items. I have also chosen 5 new dress available now that would look great over jeans!



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