Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentine's Breakfasts & Time With The Kids FT. Joules

It was before Christmas that I last did any kind of photo shoot with the kids. All bloggers with children will agree that sometimes their performance in front of the camera is the most horrendous 10 minutes of your life. And that is if it only takes 10 minutes. Our kids have got really good at what I require them to do, most of the time my repeated words are "stand still" as they just jiffle about, but I suppose that as they get older their need for instruction is diminishing and I am finding that even getting them in front of the camera is an easy task. 
This breakfast in particular gave us a real insight into just how much they are growing up. Even more so noticing the 'next stage' more clearly. Giulietta is on a real roll at the moment and it is her language and conversation skills that have really taken a turn. Even though the camera was very present I found that this breakfast in particular was actually something very special.

With Valentine's coming up I was very conscious that I wanted to share some kind of very pink display. And it's funny how this all came about. Rob declared that he would whip up some French toast, and in heart shapes, and teamed with some blackcurrant squash and coffee we suddenly had ourselves a lover's feast. 

The kids enjoyed munching quite naturally and sneaking little chocolates or blueberries alongside their two rounds of eggy bread. And for me, their sitting and chatter, while I faffed about with the camera, was actually something quite special to see. The children's fondness of each other is something that is coming out more and more and Raphael having his daddy as his best friend and Etta almost declaring it to me every day, there were a few moments of pure and simple family love.

With that evident something else that they were chattering about was their new tops from Joules. Not only are all of our tops a nice little colour salute to Valentine's Day, but actually, Raphael's Red Stripe Rugby Shirt is absolutely stunning and the colours look fantastic on him. Etta in her evident girliness loved her Grey Heart Sequin Sweatshirt which is absolutely perfect for this time of year and beyond. Rob and I even tried to fit the bill of matching in pinky colours; me in a beautiful and bright Classic Pinky Stripe Shirt (which also is a Joules' favourite this season) and Rob wearing one of their Slim Fit Shirts in Coral made our breakfast all the more special.

New season Joules has got my heart a flutter any way as what I am seeing coming into stock is absolutely bearing what Joules are famous for. They have once again reinvented their Harbour Tee's Collection and their Right as Rain Collection once again is pretty perfect for all.

Who knew that french toast, slightly more grown up conversation than usual, and well dressed partners and children would result in such a wonderful morning and actually rest of day? I hope this inspires you to sit down for a nice breakfast on Valentine's day. It is in half term so at least no school run which should make all it affects over the moon anyway!

Emily xx

*Post in collaboration with Joules

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