Monday, 20 February 2017

My Realisation On Turning 30 This Year.

We all say it easily, but when it actually comes to thinking about it we would often quite simply forget to really think about it. It wasn't until last week when I was writing an Instagram post that it quite suddenly hit me. Seeing myself type out the words "It's my 30th birthday this year" actually filled me with horror. It hit me there and then that this is the year. I can't say I am upset or in anyway having a crisis about it. I am in a wonderful position where I am settled, married, have kids and have our own home. I appreciate that not all 30 year olds are in the same position which can cause some to panic about certain age milestones but for me it was more a realisation that I am moving away even more from my early 20s (Which I truly loved) to this unknown age where it is perceived you are an actual real life grown up! I think if you are in your 20s you are young and that is just the stereotype of that age and therefore things done in your 20s are kind of written off to just being a kid. But from 30, well, am I now a fully fledged grown up?
We all have our own ways of  dealing with getting older but landmark birthdays are a real thing to celebrate. My core friendship group all turn 30 this year which is really nice and fortunately I am the last one, making me the youngest of the group, which I do like to remind them! It is nice also having Rob a few years older than me so in our relationship I am always the youngest. Most people also can't believe I am married, let alone have kids, so as I look young and so as long as those compliments keep coming in then turning 30 ain't gonna be no bad thing!
A few years ago whilst sat watching Scandimania with Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall, I was totally inspired to plan a trip to Copenhagan for my 30th birthday. From watching his presentation on food and lifestyle I quite simply fell in love with it and announced to Rob that that was where I wanted to go instead of having a big party. To this day (we watched that in 2014) I have not differed from that plan at all. And I didn't want to go sooner, I am not one for necessarily rushing things so this was a plan that would come to fruition in my 30th year. 

One of the most important aspects of the trip was to dine in world number one restaurant NOMA. The TV show really sold this to me and the fact that it was the best restaurant in the entire world really sealed the fact that I wanted to go. However, Rob has each month been prepping himself for the booking of such an experience (you can only book on certain dates for certain times) only to find that in this last week they have announced that they are closing that restaurant as they go on tour to Mexico! Absolutely gutted (even though it will save us a few hundred pounds) to say the least but Copenhagen is renowned for its Michelin starred eateries so I am sure we will find some equally fantastic dining experiences to partake in. I don't need just fine dining though for this, it is all about the beautiful sights and the real heart of Scandinavian culture which I love. 
Recently my mum brought me one of the extremely stylish C E R E A L City Guides on Copenhagan and it is the most minimally beautiful book I own. C E R E A L obviously practise the art of ultra modern style and this city guide fully represents their style in a handy travel guide. Anyway, the book is beautiful and is full of all the 'cool' places to go and explore which is perfect as any kind of guide to this city is a help for me. There are places to go and things I want to see like The Little Mermaid StatueNyhavn QuayThe Botanical Gardens and Grundtvig's Church just to name a few.

For me, even if we just end up walking the streets that will be enough. I just love the idea of the city and am really looking forward to celebrating my birthday with such a trip. 
I would love any tips if you have some to share from your experiences to Copenhagan. Where to stay, good food, views, anything to make the trip really one to remember!
Let me know any thoughts anyway!

Emily xx

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