Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Badges On Coats #Stealmysyle

When it comes to coats for Raphael I am becoming really picky. Practicality is obviously a very important thing, but he is a cool kid and I like everything to represent that! He has a brilliant traditional Gloverall duffle coat which is his school coat through the winter and is beautiful, warm and stylish. Then he has a Lighthouse Clothing mac that he has started wearing at school as it is light and rainproof, but for weekends and time at home I like him to have something different so that for him it is not 'Uniform', it is away from association with school.
Recently I got him a new gilet in a bright red colour from Next which is a perfect pull on if we are just popping out. Having it bright red also goes with a lot of his denim and blue based wardrobe so it is a real pop of colour for him. I recently got him a new coat for spring/summer adventures though that I just wanted to share as it is genuinely really cool.

Embroidered fashion is a huge trend this year with girls fashion having everything covered in embroidered flowers and patterns, but this Khaki Badge Jacket from Next is a perfect example of the trend for boys. Late last year a got Raph a tee with badge motifs on it and he loved the random little images. So when I saw this water-resistant, fleece-lined jacket come out, I thought it would be perfect for him. The darker colour will lend itself to not looking stained and he is almost proud of each badge like they were a swimming badge collected on the sleeves. The Khaki green colour is great for going with denim and cool kicks so for this boy, it will mix in perfectly with his casual style.

For him, pulling it on with a tee and jeans means he feels cool and I look at him thinking, wow that boy IS cool! This jacket is part of the younger section and the last size is 5-6 which is what Raph is exactly. This will easily fit him for the rest of the year which is ideal.

Here are a few pictures to show you details. 


Have you found any good coats for the new season?

Emily xx

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