Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Play with LEGO and new storage with GLTC!

When I look at our boxes of toys I find it really easy to see what is the most popular. As much as I pull out the boxes of barbies or cars, both our children have a huge love for Lego. Both love it for different reasons too and I find it really interesting. 
Raphael is a designer. Rob and I will build models to exact spec. from instructions, but within minutes Raph is improving them to suit his needs. Most of the time he is adding bits to make it better for his games, but you can guarantee whatever Rob or I make, it is never quite right. He is also a big destroyer. His sets don't stay as sets for long as he thinks of new ways to use the parts. He sees play with Lego very differently to his sister. Etta loves kits. She loves them to be how they are, like the pictures and wills them not to ever break. She loves the little princess castles and will play with the characters in the castles for hours much like you would with a dolls house. Everything is a specific game with the characters living in their perfectly built houses and that is how she plays. Both love building random things but Etta is quicker to recognise that parts go with specific sets. 
Buying Lego can be quite interesting though. As Etta's stay together, Raph is really happy to play with them as a unit and never tries to change them as they are hers and I think that he likes that. He will use the Frozen Palace, but of course in his head, that's not what it is. He doesn't change them though which I think is really respectful. Etta however doesn't get that same luxury as I think she just looks at Raphs creations and doesn't know what to do with them!

LEGO really brings our kids hours of enjoyment but the amount we have accumulated is quite gross now. We originally had one shallow box, but as Etta keeps her pieces intact we were ending up storing things separately which I hated as I always just want everything put away and clear due to the size of the house. But good old Great Little Trading Company has once again solved my home storage needs.

You might remember that last year we reviewed their Abberville Storage Bench and had some wonderful wicker baskets, but when I decided that this would be the new area for storing ALL the Lego we own, we were struggling as little bits would fall through or get stuck within the weave. Also as they were quite chunky we lost a lot of room which was desperately needed! 
However with the arrival of their new Rope Storage Baskets I realised that they would be a much better storage option. 
The thing is with toy storage is that you need it to suit you. We want the kids to be able to access Lego easily as it is what they love and I want it stored away nicely in things that suit the rest of the environment. This is a perfect option for us!

Not only has the Abberville Storage Bench been a great addition to our home, it has lasted well and is a great piece for storage (It is also on sale at the moment (28/2/17) so if you are thinking this would suit your home it might be worth looking at now!) 
The rope baskets add a new brightness to it as well and it fits all the Lego, even Etta's built castles, so for me this makes me win at life! The handles also are a little blessing as the children retrieve their baskets with ease meaning that playing is becoming an even more independent task for them. 
Once again GLTC has produced new products which take more into consideration than we would have thought. These baskets hide the contents from view while storing a multitude of different sized objects and I love that everything once again is hidden away nicely all in one place.

Check out our images and enjoy how these look in our home.

Emily x

*Post in collaboration with our role on the GLTC Testing Team.

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