Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Living The Hygge Life #4 and finding clarity.

I can't stress how much I have missed talking about Hygge. Once December kicked in I feel like I got totally lost as blogging became very product based and I found I didn't have time with personal life to think about it properly. Then heading into January, we started the year off with the death of a great friend that has just stopped me fully thinking about personal things to write about. Almost because there is so much to say about loads of different aspects of my life and I almost have no mental energy to sit and write about "feelings" and such. I do have lots to say though and I will get it out, just takes that bit of time is all. 
My 'Living the Hygge Life' lifestyle series has been way laid slightly though so I am just carrying on from where I left off as much as I can. Sharing how I have been living with a bit of the Hygge philosophy in my life and where I hope it takes me. Before now I have written a lot about our stove we had installed in September last year and it is safe to say that has changed our lives. In December and January it has been an absolute focus of the home and understandably we have felt a call to it like nothing we have ever experienced. Getting home to light a fire is a real thing now and something Rob especially loves doing. 

I was thinking the other day that I can't believe that January is done. Just like that. A month gone and the first of this new year has slipped away with me hardly noticing. It has been pretty cold also, but it is winter so we mustn't complain, it was hardly going to be warm was it? And with the death of someone we all really loved I have found that wrapping up and being at home is where my hygge has been. It is where my happiness had been.

This philosophy of comfort has never been felt so strongly in my life but it is because I have been crying out for real comfort. Comfort in faith and family and especially comfort with myself. Death throws up many questions alone anyway, but finding that place of comfort leads you to be able to answer them or in fact just settle or not. 

Sitting at our dining table writing I have the fire behind me. The heat is enveloping my back and it is an amazing feeling as I often feel I am heeled through my back. When I feel rubbish I will go and sit with my back on a radiator or stand in a very hot shower so I get the all encompassing feeling of heat filling my body. That is my healing and definitely one of my hygges. That wrap around effect; a hug from behind. 

I was thinking the other day, (a sad day) that I had lost my hygge. What a stupid thought. It isn't something that can be lost, just something that you forget about. I haven't been lighting my candles (which I love) Not much snuggling under blankets, and I let my bedroom get messy which is always a bad thing as I find that gives me real clarity, just my space and I let it get all confused! But today I have tidied, put my high piling washing pile away and been able to write like 5 posts in a row which clearly shows my brain has found a clarity. A calmness again. 

Living the Hygge life this last month has been difficult. I have not embraced it fully, but February is a new month, a month where snowdrops appear and beauty creeps in from the outside so let's have another go!

Emily xx


  1. Sorry for your loss. This time of year is difficult as it is with the cold, gloomy days without your feelings of loss to contend with too. These things take time so don't beat yourself up about days of letting the bedroom get messy xx

  2. Thank you love. It is good to reflect but yes, death is hard and we have been blessed with very little in Our lives so it has been a shock! I have hope in the ever after though so here's looking to the future! X


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