Thursday, 23 February 2017

Little Girls In Little Frills #Stealmystyle

It's nearly spring and all any of us can think about is delayering a bit and wearing clothes that make us feel like we are not dressed in duvets. It appears that it is the same for the kids. Over the last year I have been really careful about what I buy the kids clothes-wise and I have actually picked trends for them specifically to follow so I buy similar styles that can completely interchange with each other rather than random things that I just like. For both kids it is heavily denim based, jeans, shirts and dresses, with Raph wearing more black denim and camo prints and Etta having a lot in blues teaming them with whites and pinks.

Today I wanted to talk about Etta's new style and how I am building her a bit of a casual wardrobe using 3 colours; White, Blue and Pink. I love nothing more than simple white dresses and blouses, blue striped tops and jeans, denim dress and pinky jumpers. These 3 colours all complement each other perfectly and I find they look great all year round.

 I think Denim is a fantastic fabric and one that is great to invest in. From jeans to tops I am finding that filling Etta's wardrobe with staple denim items really helps styles bounce from one season to the next. White blouses are also a great investment as they go with everything, and are perfect for summer cover ups. I find if they are just plain white too you can get most stains off as you can give them a good hot wash! Any kind of blue stripes are always welcome in our home, but this year I am loving all the blue frill blouses in cottons or chambray fabrics, soft and light for when it gets warm and great for teaming with long jeans, shorts or dungaree dresses!

Key summer trends this year and frills as well so I just wanted to share with you some new items from Next that I have picked up recently. As always, I am so impressed with Next's new season pieces that our kids have only really had clothes from there. Their spring/summer range is great and they have so much blue and white stuff, I fear Etta will be better dressed than me this season! 

What do you like to dress your kids in? Any particular colours?

Emily xx

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