Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Has Spring Sprung?

The answer is probably not in most places but I simply couldn't resist asking, as for me it isn't too far away. I saw my first blossom on a tree this last weekend in Chester Zoo of all places, but I couldn't resist taking a photo to share. Isn't pink blossom the most perfect thing? And on careful inspection of the picture after taking it I realised that there was a birds' nest in the background making this image even more fitting for spring, truly showing the possibility of new life and a new season.
I think when the blossoms and the Daffodil sprouts start to come out you know the warm breeze will be flowing through and that, in itself, can change our moods so dramatically. I am really struggling at the moment to step out of that darkness that winter leaves clinging on, but I know as each new sign I see for a brighter, lighter time of the year, I know I will soon feel more like my old self and full of the joys of spring.

Emily xx

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