Sunday, 19 February 2017

Cake For The Spring Time.

I know, I know, we are not in spring fully yet but those snowdrops are appearing and we have actually had sunny days and I just can't help that feeling flurrying up inside me screaming "SPRING IS COMING".
It just so happened to be that the day I decided to bake my cake was the day the said sun shone and I felt full of the joys that are to come. I have actually baked twice this year. I know, give this girl a medal, blooming twice! But that said I really have enjoyed what I have made and enjoyed doing it. It is always hard to bake in January as we are usually still eating all the left over chocolates, but nearing the end of the month I made a cookie jar mix we had been givin from my brother and last week I made a red velvet and victoria sponge cake. The thing is both bakes were pretty cheaty and lazy. The cookies were a 'just add eggs and butter mix' and the red velvet was also one that may have come out of a box! But it was only because I didn't know how to make one / have the mental capacity to actually look! Come on......we can't all be domestic bakers! Anyway, Betty Crocker makes them so easy so I used a box of hers and made my vanilla Victoria sponge from scratch. 
I have got slightly addicted to watching Instagram videos of cakes being iced (.....yep.....) and wanted to have a more 'professional approach' to the finish of this cake. I made sure to cut the tops flat and even once sandwiched with the butter cream (Betty Crockers again) cut the edges of the cake so that they were straight. I also did a base layer of butter cream which collected all the crums and left that to set before applying a top layer which was then free from cake debris. By this stage I was looking at a perfectly creamed cake, little did I know that my planned lilac chocolate drip topping would be the thing that ruined it. In my eyes that is. Not one other person has noticed but that is because I am really, really good at cleaning up!

So yep, poured the chocolate topping on but instead of a classy drip down the edges it just spilled over, destroying the beautifully smothered butter cream with it. Luckily my desperate bid to keep it looking smoothh by quite simply smearing it paid off, as it looked like an intentional marbled effect. The iced flowers were then, once again, bought (I don't have skills to make little icing flowers) from Tesco and made the finishing touch all the more spring like.

If my spring fever bake off has taught me anything it's that sometimes cheaters never prosper and sometimes people who do not research how to make a chocolate drip topping will not be able to make it up and it work. Blooming heck Emily, try harder!!!!!

The cake was delicious though, thanks Betty!

Emily xx

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