Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Little Shirt Dress

Little Shirt Dress

One of my favourite denim shirts that I got years ago eventually bit the dust. It had a rip in the back that had frayed so it was pretty irreparable. So I decided to turn it into something else. It took me a while to come up with a dress design. It was quite hard to picture in my mind before hand, but after recalling things that I had seen on Pintrest I started cutting the shirt up.

I pretty much cut arm areas and up to where the neck piece would sit. I knew I would be doing a strap so I wasn't planning sleeves. Just before cutting I realised that I would probably need to hem it so I added a little extra around the shape to allow for this. Once cut, I got on with hemming.

The arm areas I just folded over and stitched, but for where I wanted the strap I folded and made sure I left a decent amount for being able to thread a ribbon through to create the straps.
Once I had hemmed, I then decided to add a bit of vintage Broderie Anglaise lace across where I had my stitch line on the front and back.
After that was done I threaded a lace ribbon through the front part of the dress, over the shoulder area and into the back piece of the dress. I then just folded over the ends and sewed to stop fraying. Then I tied it with a bow to enable me to just slip it on and off.

Once Etta had tried it on I noticed that it was a bit baggy so I just made it thinner by sewing about an inch in from the natural shirt side seams.

A cute little summer dress and it will also look nice with a white long sleeve top a tights in the winter.

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  1. Remember that shirt, she looks very cute in it!


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