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Grandma's Elderflower Cordial

Grandma's Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower is one of the most useful wild growing fruity plants. I think that down most country lanes and in lots of back gardens you will find a bush covered in the large flowering heads.
They are sweet smelling but with an almost dusty undertone, but this does not reflect on the sweet treacle cordial it makes.

For years my family have made elderflower cordial and just served it with ice cold water.
This recipe that my Grandma has used for many years is originally taken from Sophie Grigson, who got it from her mother, Jane Grigson.

You need 20 Elderflower heads to make 1 1/2 liters
1.8 kgrams of granulated sugar
75 grams of citric acid
2 lemons
2 pints of water

Put all the Elderflower heads into a large bowl.
Place sugar in a pan with 2 pints of water and bring to the boil.
Pour over the elderflower and stir in the citric acid.
Add the grated zest of the lemons and then slice the lemons and add in.
Cover the bowl and leave for 24 hours.
Strain through a double muslin or preserving sheet so that there are no bits whatsoever left in the liquid.
Pour into sterilised jars.

My grandma has always frozen hers in plastic tupperware tubs. As there is so much sugar, the liquid never goes solid so you can scoop it out with a spoon and add to drinks. It also helps preserve it and you can then keep it a lot longer than in the bottles.

Jane Grigson suggest serving with gin, ice and fizzy water. She also suggest adding some into fruit salads to give them a really summery taste.

One of my favourite ways to have elderflower cordial is with lemonade and frozen raspberries. It is delicious!

Have a go and enjoy in the sun!

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