Monday, 9 June 2014

Last Weeks Catwalk

Last Weeks Catwalk

This week's weather was quite mixed. It meant that some days were much cooler and that jackets were out again.
Etta rocked her blue striped Next dress and leggings with her sideways Joules hankie.
 She also lived in quite a few of Raphs old clothes this week. The beige chinos, Gilet and rolled up jeans were all his and from Next (this proves my theory about how well their things las!) its great using hand-me-downs. And it shows how versitle things are between the sexes. 
One of my favorit items of Ettas is her denim skirt which I actually made. This goes with so much, it's a really soft denim so it is comfy for her too. I matched it to a Next top. 

Raph's biggest change this week was his hair. He had it all cut off! I love long surfer curls but he was
getting very hot and it was always in his face so for the warmer weather coming we had it chopped. He still looks cute! 
His stars print tee and anchor shirt are both Primark with his Next shorts. He enjoyed the bursts of sunshine in his H&M stripped tee. On the cooler days he wore his Joules hoodie and turned up Primark  skinny jeans. He wore some Tesco denim shorts quite a bit this week too as he managed to keep them clean! His tee and denim shirt combo are both Next and his stripy short sleeve shirt is Next also.

This week I enjoyed a mix of clothes. I loved my slouchy jumper for ease, I mean who doesn't enjoy them?! This one I picket up at a home and living fair. I actually have it in a grey also as it is a lovely cashmere blend and it is just so soft and easy to pull on. I love jumpers that you can just pull on with jeans and a pair of shoes and look instantly nice. Makes some mornings very easy when you are in a rush. I got out an old floppy hat from Debenhams that I have had sitting around for a while and matched it to my H&M boxy jacket and Zara ripped jeans. My red button up shirt I got from Primark after seeing my sister in a cream one. It is another easy pull on, wear with jeans and sandals or heels. It is lovely and floaty so I ended up getting it in red, cream and black! At £8 though, you cant complain as it instantly looks amazing! I had my Tesco dress and Biker Books on for work one day. I love my ASOS biker boots, they are just grungy enough for the rock chick look but have loads of nice detail which makes them a bit glamorous as well!  My maxi cardi was out again this week! LOVE it! 
The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying EBAY just a bit too much, 4 pairs of shoes later......I have some nice pairs for the summer! These ones were hardly worn and from Next, real suede and I got them for £8.99! Nice and comfy and the chunky heel makes them more like a wedge so they are nice for day wear. You will be seeing the other pairs over the next feel weeks I am sure!

As usual Rob rocked the work uniform all week. He also got a hair cut when Raph had his done. 
Over the weekend Rob wore a H&M striped tee with a grandad cardigan and Topman chinos. He also  rocked out the Converse.  His white oxford shirt was from ASOS and was nice and cool in the warm sunshine. He teamed this with some Primark coral shorts.

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