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Last Week's Catwalk

Last Week's Catwalk

This week was so warm so we had to dress nice and cool.Etta was loving wearing little clothing. She didn't wear vests this week so we could loose a layer. 
Her floral romper was a Sainsbury's purchase.
 Her lovely little playsuit was a hand me down from a friend and is a lovely light piece making it easy to wear. 
The shirt dress is from H&M and is just an easy pull on. Perfect for the summer. 
Her lovely nautical denim and cotton boat dress was Next and a lovely easy piece for the hot weather. 
One of my favourite outfits of hers is the tunic and legging with the neon orange stitching. This was perfect for a hot day out as she was mostly covered from the sun but the top is so floaty it kept her nice and cool. These were from Next. 
The blue spot trousers were out again with a nice tee from Primark. 
We enjoyed the Cath Kidston Hankies as always. I think they have become a bit of a game to her as she just loves to pull them off.

Raphael was just a dude all week. His check shorts and 'Hi Five Me' top were from Next. 
His casual blue shirt is H&M worn with his stripy Next shorts. 
He really suits his coral tee and it goes with everything so is great for just pulling on.  I love the Hawaiian prints about at summer, but the more vintage style ones, this is a Sainsbury's one with his aqua shorts from Next. 
When we went out to Legoland I wanted him to be covered but cool so I had picked up this lovely striped grandad style shirt for £5 from Morrisons Nutmeg children's clothes. They had some really nice bits and were very cheap. I teamed them with his linen stripe shorts from Next.
Then to finish he wore his easy H&M stripe tee with Tesco denim shorts that I rolled up.

Rob was very colourful this weekend wearing H&M yellow shorts and a H&M navy shirt. He teamed this with his Lacoste Boating shoes. 
He had his coral Primark shorts on and a Next check Shirt on with Primark plimsoles too. The plimsoles are so cheap and rob just buys new pairs of them all the time. They get so worn and wrecked but when you can just pick up a fresh pair easily, it means you don't need to worry so much about wearing white shoes. If you want a pair that will last. He has some Lacoste ones and they wash in the machine really well.
Some other new items for Rob were is new RayBan glasses. He had a free eye test at our local Tesco and the frames were buy on get one free so he got two pairs that are very similar. One is just slightly bigger than the other. But what a stylish Dad he is!

I love the cami tops that are about at the moment. They are not very expensive and are great when its warm to pull on with a nice jacket. My orange one is from ASDA and was £5. I matched it to an old peplum stripe jacket. There are lots of striped blazers about at the moment. I wore my new River Island  Sandals too this week. I love these as they are so shinny.
 A midi skirt is an essential for a wardrobe and this River Island one is just a pull on jersey one. You can dress them up or down. I teamed mine with a boyfriend baggy tee and some flat sandals.
 I loved my cream midi skirt, it was perfect for the hot weather, and it was a bargain at £5 in Primark. I wouldn't usually buy bits like this but at £5 I wouldn't of even made it for that cheap! And it was made well so I was really pleased with it! It does come with a brown belt but it looked cheap so I just swapped it for a Zara one and it transformed it! 
Whilst I was in Primark I picked up this Pack-a-Mac which I wanted for fitting in the nappy bag for the summer downpours. I took it on our trip to Legoland and it was VERY useful! Its was £9 so for days out or festivals, it would't matter if it got ruined. Also in it's bright floral print, you wouldn't get lost! 
Then my TKMaxx maxi cardi was out again for an easy Sunday teamed to some Tesco F&F jeans.

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