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Last Weeks Catwalk

Last Weeks Catwalk

I thought we would start with Rob's outfits this week. Rob has quite a few checked shirts which he enjoys wearing. They are a popular outfit choice for casual days. Both of his shirts this week are old season Next, but they are really good at having just nice shirts in and for Rob they do size XS which is really good  on his skinny frame. They fit really well and always look smart, and if you can pick them up in there big seasonal sales then It's a bonus. He has dark green twill trousers are from H&M and he matched them with white Converse. His white twill shorts are from Primark and as you can probably tell, most of Rob's coloured shorts are. This is mainly because of the price. They are usually cheap and Rob pretty much lives and works in shorts through the summer so he wrecks them easily. He matched these to some Lacoste flip flops which he got last year and after wearing them a lot through the building work, they have lasted amazingly, so well worth the money.
 His white tee is an ASOS one and they are doing them in a range of colours at the moment, and red jeans are also H&M. He wore his brand new Vans flip flops this week which were a Fathers Day present. These were from ASOS and I thought they were great because of the print of the shoe on the sole.

Giulietta was a cutie as always and pretty much lived in Next this week. In fact everything is new Next  apart from her red spotty trousers and flowery top which are Cath Kidston. 
Also she spent a day looking like her brother all in blue wearing an old Gap Chambray shirt. I like trying to use old things of Raph's if I can but a lot are very boyish.  I love jersey fabric and soft cotton clothes for babies. Raph had quite a few pairs of chino type trousers when he was younger but Etta doesn't seen to like the stiffer fabrics. You can tell as she is much happier when she get them off. Etta therefore  wears a lot of leggings and jeggings so she can move and be comfortable.

Raph was as cool as ever this week. We have started potty training so most outfits have been changed quite a lot through the week. Most items he has worn before, but a few new pieces. His bear tee is from Nutmeg by Morrisons. They have quite a small department but they are cute bits and a good price. He got some really nice new Joules things from The Lincolnshire Show. His striped top was 
one of these which I matched to rolled up blue skinny jeans from Primark. 
With potty training I have also opted for easy up and down bottoms. His coloured shorts are both Next and his Denim ones are F&F at Tesco. I  got some really nice skinny joggers from Next in navy which looked so nice on. I have just purchased another pair of berry coloured ones as I though they would be nice as easy wearing. 

I loved my outfits this week. I wore a few new things from Zara mainly. It was one of those weeks where I decided I wanted to buy some jackets and a couple of tops. Now Zara prices are slightly more than most high street shops but they are good and on trend clothes and I really like them. I brought 3 new jackets and a couple of tops at the beginning of the week. By Wednesday they all went into a massive sale! Gutted! But what I hadn't wore (which was most of it) I re brought and am going to send back. I wouldn't usually be bothered but one jacket was £20 cheaper! And I like to be a bit of a savvy shopper! 
So my 'Cool Dress' tee is new Zara and I love it! Easy wearing and a nice cut and fit. Matched to my Swiss Zara ripped jeans, which unfortunately I have never seen on their UK website. My brown/ beige jacket is an old Miss Selfridge one but these come round every year and with it being a lighter colour than black I find it looks nice in the warmer weather. My white jeans are old Primark which I have had pre children but these are easy to get anywhere. My jacket is a New Zara one which I love. It is easy wearing and great for a nice casual look with the cut but then has some nice beaded appliqué which is good for the glittery girl. My black floral dress is a Motel one which I have had for a while and love, wore it with black Next jeggings. My denim swing dress is actually Primark and was a great pick up and my lace kimono was a British Heart Foundation charity shop purchase which is from H&M originally and is still on their website!
Then my Captain tee is Zara with my ripped jeans and new suede Zara Boots.

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