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A Day Out At The Lincolnshire Show

A Day Out At The Lincolnshire Show

Today we went to one of Lincoln's biggest events, The Lincolnshire Show! This is an amazing two day event of all things agricultural with huge emphasis on all things from Lincolnshire. It is a great event for locals and tourists to really see what happens in the whole area. The show is full of all sorts of things like traditional horse shoe fitting, upholstering old furniture demonstrations, hound dog parades, show jumping, dog trials, military displays, food demonstrations, shops, tractors and much more. You can easily spend a whole day getting lost in the vast fielded area just wandering around and viewing all the many stalls. You can then explore the food court for lunch and take a seat in the large outdoor seating area, or grab a patch of land and sit for a picnic.
You can then watch events in the main ring from horse and cart shows to hound parades, parachute displays and even motorbike stunt shows.

For children who go with schools there are a vast amount of attractions and discovery zones for them to explore. For young ones there is a big fair ground type area with traditional rides like a merry-go-round, helta skelta, swing boats and also the more modern bumper boats, bouncy castles and skate ramps.
If your child is into any kind of tractor or diggers, this is definitely the place to go. Rows and rows of the things, all shiny new and lined up. Even though these are all locked cabs and for sale the owners and business are very patient with the mass of young children who want to climb on them. We spent hours with Raph just in the sit on lawn mower area as he just loved them.

For adults there are lots to look at, whether you are wanting to buy animals, corn dryers, sheds, clothes, home wares, food and pretty much anything for a garden or farm then this is the place for you. There are loads of stalls selling all kinds of things. It is definitely worth a look.
You also have lots of local businesses and schools with their own stands showing what they can offer to you and the wider community.
In reality, there are countless opportunities for people to see something new. For people to watch musical talents perform on different stages and even have a dance to a lovely 1940's themed band. But most of all, to really appreciate all things country.
For me, we have had a lovely day. It is pricey to get in but this year, the Show Ground offered advance tickets sales where you buy and print at home. These were discounted well especially for a family ticket so it is well worth going on their website and buying on there. I still think buy now for tomorrow!
The weather has been gorgeous and for Rob who has lived in lincoln all of his life, and had never been, he has had a really lovely day out!

(Also, I bet you can't walk round without seeing someone you know. Just like Uncle Freddie!!)

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