Friday, 27 February 2015

My Style #Mumstyle - Casual Days

My Style #Mumstyle - Casual Days

Some days I love to just have 'no-fuss' dressing days. Using basic pieces to just make a very simple look but one that can still look stylish. I think leggings are great for this but as a rule, you should never wear these as trousers with a short top. I think too many people think they are trousers, but I actually feel they are more like super thick tights and should be worn with long, bottom-covering tops and dresses. They are available in all sorts of fabrics now and some, granted, are like trousers but just watch that you don't show the public too much. Also, don't buy cheap as that usually makes the fabric thinner and a bit more see-through! Anyway, after that little rant; I am wearing some matt leather look leggings from River Island that I find are good for pulling on with long shirts. They still have the comfort of jersey stretchy ones but look a bit more dressy. I have two extra long denim shirts; they are different shades of blue and I absolutely love them. They go with everything: over dresses, with jeans, as a beach cover up; they just are so versatile. Mine were from Primark last year but I have found some similar ones that I will link to at the bottom.
My chunky kimono wrap was a Zara one and it is beautiful; so soft and easy just to pull on. This winter has been all about the capes and wraps and I refuse to not wear mine into the spring. They act like a lighter jacket and are great for just throwing on around the house on those chillier days.
My shoes are from ASOS. I love the chunky, flat fashion and as a mum running round, I love that I can wear stylish and on trend footwear that doesn't have me tottering around.
As an alternative for going out on the random freezing cold days we seem to be having, I have shown the outfit with my over-sized camel coat from ASOS. I have loved this coat over winter and as it is a drop front and hanging fit; it just keeps my outfits casual but allows for an element of style due to the classic colour.


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