Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Skin & Me // A Bobbie Brown Review

It is ages since I have written about skin and beauty on here. To be honest, it is because it is not of huge interest to me. I have such a routine that I never move from that really, I have no content to share. That said, I do want to do more because I like to watch make up reviews and find it informative when people share product reviews in this way. Ideally YouTube is the place for that, not written word but in my little world, I like to share on here so I am going to.

My most recent quest was to get into BOBBI BROWN. This is mainly because I love a fellow blogger's make up; Lauren from HUNTERS AND HEELS. Now not only is Lauren a wonderful blogger but she well and truly has got me on the BOBBI BROWN band wagon. Having seen a lot of her shades I decided that I wanted a foundation that matched my tan for the summer so went down to our local counter to talk to them about testing a colour match.
I would love to say that the counter was really helpful but it took a little while for the lady to loosen up into having a conversation with me and actually try to sell me a product. This isn't to bitch about her but more for locals to just stick with it and ask the question. Don't feel like you are causing trouble. She was very helpful by the end of our meeting.
I specifically wanted a foundation to match my tan so I had made sure to go down with my usual colour on. This really helped and we found a match in the SKIN LONG WEAR WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION range.

Having worn this foundation nearly every day since I got it last week I have to say how pleased I am. It is indeed completely weightless, and having paired it with a few other new Bobbi Brown products I am finding I really love applying and wearing this foundation.
One of the other new key components I am trying from BOBBI BROWN is her Vitamin Enriched Face Base which I only have in a tester size as the lady on the counter suggested a trial before purchasing the large tub. She said that it really works differently on different skin tones so best to try first (which is what I also really liked about her even if her first impression was a bit off). 

My experience of the Face Base so far is that I love it. I have had a few out of the ordinary spots which I think is due to the change in face products. I also used a non-related oil cleanser this last week and it is no good for my skin so that had an effect. The Face Base is a dual moisturiser and primer and I really like to pair up primers and foundations from the same brand as I think they are made to work together. In this scenario I am really enjoying using both so the Face Base is going to be a purchase for me once my tester runs out.

I also bought a new LUXE LIP COLOUR. I wanted something less pink and, with the help of the beautician, found a new colour for the summer to go with my more tanned look. Retro Coral is a winner for me.

Along with some much loved products from Elizabeth Arden I have created my usual day to day look to share with you on here. 

My first experience of BOBBI BROWN has really worked for me. I will be doing a review in the not-so-distant future of her BB cream as it is meant to offer great coverage so I am thinking a holiday make-up look will be coming your way soon. 

Below are the before and after, then a list and link to each product I have used.



To Start: VITAMIN ENRICHED FACE BASE // Apply all over face.

Foundation: SKIN LONG-WEAR Weightless Foundation // Apply over face with a brush or sponge.

Contour: L'OREAL INFALLABLE STICK // Use to contour cheeks and jaw line.

Bronzer: ELIZABETH ARDEN FOUREVER BRONZER // Use this to dust over natural areas where the sun would catch. Cheeks, nose, collar bone.

Blush: CERAMIDE CREAM BLUSH Pink // This is a cream blush which I dab a brush into then stipple onto my cheeks.


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