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Book Review // My Very First Audio Book

I really wanted this post to have a more revealing title but at the same time felt that the reveal may in fact deter people from reading on. The thing is this last month I have completed listening to my very first audio book and I would like to review it and continue to review more as I go along.

My Reading Journey

I am dyslexic and my catalogue of read books is not large. I have read some great books but just not many and the kind of books I read now-a-days are usually related to a specific interest e.g lifestyle. This is because I feel I directly learn from these and they usually have pages and pages of pictures. For me, that is truly what I love, the pretty pictures that help bring the writing to life. Yep. Picture books. That is where I am at in life!
The thing is, I used to love reading and really enjoyed lots of different texts. It's never been my favourite pastime but it is one that I do not really partake in much anymore. I can't remember the last novel I read, actually writing this I have just realised it was a few years ago and it was a MILLS & BOON book which Rob got as a joke as the main character was called Robert Inman. If you are familiar with the type of books Mills & Boon are you will understand when I say I found it a bit weird but also enjoyable at the same time {I am smirking and chuckling to myself as I write this}. Anyway, apart from that bit of reading gold it really is ages since classic romance novels graced my book stack and to be honest I knew there was no way of improving that so I decided that I would purchase my very first audio book.

My First Audio Book

Now careful consideration had been made over which superb read I was going to buy. In fact this one had been on my list for ages and I just hadn't got round to purchasing until I took myself off on an evening walk one day and decided that the time was right for it.
It's at this point when I should declare that there was one real reason as to why I specifically wanted this book, the author has a pretty distinct voice and I knew I would really enjoy listening to his voice. I was not wrong. It was like having a conversation only he was doing all the talking. Not a problem though, I was willing to listen and listen I did.

Ant Middleton// First Man In

OK, you got me, My first audio book was indeed FIRST MAN IN by no other than star of SAS: WHO DARES WIN - ANT MIDDLETON.
I know, so cultured right?? But in all honesty the guys from this show really amaze me. I think they are great role modes for current issues relating to male mental health and I think they have some great stuff to say. As ANT MIDDLETON is more of the focal leader it is him that I have been most interested in and therefore his book was the first on my list.

Listening Vs. Reading

The best thing I experienced from listening to this audio book is that it is like you are listening to a mate. I really enjoyed listening to his voice, and not in any kind of weird way I might add, it was just like you were listening to him regale a story over a drink and I found myself desperate to go on any car journey so I could turn it on and just listen. It genuinely excited me to change from pop music to this book as soon as I had done the school run. Half an hour a day of ANT MIDDLETON talking to me; I was happy with that!

Is There Any Content?

OK, so yes, This is a great introduction to him. His journey, his style of leadership and some teaching of how you yourself can become a stronger, better leader of your own life. That comes across and I think could be very inspiring to people who have not heard anything like it before. If you consciously try to practise positive mental health or even have been to therapy or counselling you may find that there is a familiarity in what he is saying. For me, he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know or hadn't already heard in some other way but still, it was great reinforcement and interesting to hear about how he himself developed his skills within his military background. 
The whole book follows his route through life and jobs and I think he is really good at retelling his journey. He is honest and it seems that he really has had experiences that he can draw on to help build others up.

In Review

I came out of this book and was disappointed. Why, I am not sure. I think the last few chapters seemed to jump about a bit from him becoming a personal human rescuer to then being on TV. Maybe there's not much to tell. Lucky break perhaps but I have to be honest, I was left a bit flat. That said, I listened to it again straight away to make sure I fully heard it and with that I found myself enjoying it a whole lot more. Maybe I was too excited the first time, a bit like when you come out flat from a movie you were desperate to see, so second time round, because I wasn't so desperate I really enjoyed it and actually enjoyed the familiarity of listening to it again.
I can't deny that it is interesting. If you like autobiographies, there is no reason why you wouldn't like this. 

What's Next?

Well, it's happened, I know, and it was another hugely life changing listen. I feel so cultured because of it.......... My Next Review will be on JASON FOX // BATTLE SCARS. I know, but like I said these guys speaks so well on mental health in a TV watching generation that I wanted to hear his story which is a much deeper and darker situation around PTSD. Unfortunately this was a harder listen for me, his thoughts and outlook on life are not uncommon at all. I will talk about this one more next time though!

What should I listen to?

I can't say that I am interested in novels rights now but leave me some titles in the comments and I will have a look at what to listen to next!


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