Monday, 29 July 2019

FASHION // Prairie Style

Sharing the joy of dressing like I'm from Little House On The Prairie


Drees // ASOS
Boots // GRENSON
Hat // Old

Here we are in the heart of the British summer time. Can you believe it?
In Lincolnshire we have wonderful reminders of the times of year around us. After a recent trip to my parent's house I was only too taken by the beautiful growing wheat fields around them that seemed to dance in the wind. I took the opportunity to equally join them in their dance and wander the farmer's fields.

If you are like me and have one eye on the fashion world you will have seen an abundance of romantic 'broderie anglaise' trimmings on almost everything. This classic type of needlework has an exceptional level of romance that comes with it. Usually you will find it adorning white dresses and it is especially popular on traditional children's clothes. Why? Because it actually declares a greater level of work that has gone into the garment, for me though, I just think it makes clothes look beautiful. It is a gorgeous textile and one that I am quite happy to wear.

In a modern prairie way you may find that like me you are drawn to wearing pieces that represent a more romantic, wandering way of life. This idea of modern prairie really resonates with me but that's probably because I have grow up surrounded by these fields and actually watch the classic 'Little House On The Prairie' when I was a child! The girls in their puff sleeved floral dresses are the basis for this trend and one I am fully happy to wear while prancing through fields.

To bring such a classic style up-to-date I have teamed my ASOS pretty dress with some fabulous Grenson Hiker Boots (which I will be talking about more in the Autumn), and the most perfect straw hat!


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