Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Life Lately // Bike Rides & Scarecrows

It would seem that as a family we love to bike and are doing so at every opportunity, so this last weekend we went off on another little adventure!

Biking as a family.

I think that our bike life has changed dramatically since Easter time when Etta learned to ride her bike without stabilisers. That was not only freeing for her but for us too, more than we realised at the time. Rob has ridden a bike to work for a few years now and he is definitely the pioneer in the family in that way, making sure we get on our bikes a whole lot more, but the last few months I have found it more liberating than ever.
We all cycle at least once a week to Church and usually to the children's theatre club. It gets us all out and at this time of year it is just so easy to skip the traffic and opt for the fresh air. 
I myself am cycling more but am more nervous in town, unlike here where you either meet a tractor or horses (that happened today) but I am making myself do it more each week. 
We are not big fans of driving somewhere to bike, it seems a bit silly to get in a car to cycle, when for us, we are in the position to be able to cycle locally to town and amusements quite easily. That said, we loaded up and headed out to my parents' as the local village to them had a Scarecrow festival and it meant that we could have a nice summer cycle down the country lanes to get there.

Scarecrow Festival

At this time of year you can find lots of local villages putting on summer fetes and garden picnics. There are lots of nice things to do locally and with the school holidays coming up I am sure it is about to boom.

This specific event runs every year and usually follows some sort of theme. It was music this time round so as we walked round the village we were treated to some delightful homemade scarecrows decorating people's gardens!






 And this scarecrow was a real guy!! Singing a famous Lincolnshire Farmers' song!

What this is is a really nice couple of hours of wandering around and eating ice creams. We walked and the kids played at the park where the event had its base. There were teas and coffees and a few stalls but really we just like the little wander around being nosy and looking at all the pretty gardens and just getting out on a sunny afternoon.

Once we were done and before the kids got too tired, we cycled the couple of miles back to my parents' before we headed home. 

If you are looking for local attractions, just small and family friendly check out your locals Visit sites like VISIT LINCOLN or check out local village facebook pages which post events online. 


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  1. I LOVE your gorgeous bike! So perfect for cycling through pretty country lanes. Cycling really is great family entertainment :)


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