Monday, 16 July 2018

Trinkets & Treasures

It seems that slowly my house has been filling up with bits & bobs the more I try to live in a minimal way. I think it is inevitable that through a week you gather things, even just as extras from a supermarket shop. Whether it be candles and bamboo trays {thanks ALDI} or face serums and make up{TKMAXX} I just seem to have accumulated lots of trinkets and treasures in the past weeks and it inspired me to write about it.

I picked up a new book on simple living. The key to all these kinds of books is about buying less and being really, really good at tidying {OK maybe a bit more than that but these are two main points}. Both totally achievable and very satisfying and the root to how you can create a very fulfilling way of life without getting wrapped up in "wanting" that is pumped out to us. I know, and I am not very good at tidying in the grand scheme of things. I can tidy away everything really well, into its designated homes and downstairs is always perfect for living in, upstairs however I really struggle. The kids' room is fine, and my office, but as our bedroom is in the attic it is the last on my list to sort. So what happens is that gets the least attention and as you move down the house there are all these pockets where more time and detail is given. 

My office space is a space I really enjoy. It lends itself to me being able to fill it up and just enjoy it. That said, no space gets filled up too much, it just means there is more to dust and actually I don't want to elongate my tidying list! But it seems that actually some small trinkets here and there make the space look better, more lived in with actual life rather than just looking like a perfect selfie. Having a bit more is bringing me comfort to the spaces I try hard to keep clear. I mean, I am not talking over filling, just bringing that bit more colour and shape which just really brings a comfort.

As much as I want to live in a more minimal way, to recognise what I have got and enjoy the calming nature it brings I really want to also enjoy the small things, the things you get distracted fiddling with and just little pockets of space filling up {even if it does mean a bit more dusting I suppose}.

My favourite places to shop for trinkets:


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