Sunday, 15 July 2018

Paddling Photos

It is a while since we have bought a paddling pool and after a Saturday trip to LIDL Rob and Etta came back with a few surprises. Rob is our main shopper as I go to the supermarkets and spend a fortune on everything, but food so Rob took on that baton of supermarket shopping which actually means we have provisions which keep us alive! Anyway, he would usually go late on an evening as we hate weekend food shops, but he took Etta and they went off for a few hours. Not only did they come back with a few random food treats but this £13 paddling pool was also in the shopping basket.

 I think we must be the last people in the UK to get a pool this summer but nonetheless our children were really pleased we eventually got one. And for £13, no less. Having had our neighbours' son come round with a rescue pump (They are great neighbours) the pool was up and ready, and left filling. We Actually left our neighbour again (honestly a really good guy) on pool watch as we suspected it would take about an hour to fill and we were heading out to a tennis lesson.

We got back to a pool almost bursting. Geoff made sure it was to the exact top and our kids were just so excited. Who doesn’t love a bit of water play? It was a good job the temperature outside was scorching as this pool was freezing! It was a very embracing dip that's for sure but we all stripped off and got in! Kids don’t seem to feel it the same way as we adults do! But we all embraced it.

After a few hours in the sun the temp. warmed slightly and by the Sunday it was quite pleasant. A weekend in water in the garden.
I suppose there wasn’t really any point in this post but more to just alert you to supermarket pools. This one was a 2 metre by 1.5 and it fits perfectly on out decking which meant that we weren’t damaging grass and ending up with a brown patch (I was quite happy about that).
I suppose for me, I just love taking pictures in water, You can get some such good shots and I wanted to share them!
Happy splashing indeed!

Happy Times!


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  1. Happy times it is, as I can clearly see! I spent my day the same way as you guys, and it was even more enjoyable with this lovely picnic set from - the most fabulous picnics are coming :)


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