Thursday, 26 July 2018

Summer Days & Joules Fashion. {Sponsored}

Let's look at some holiday fashion pieces from JOULES which are perfect for summer and beyond.

I don't think any of us could have predicted a summer like this. Isn't it incredible? The warmth is doing me so much good, all be it a bit too hot some days but it is going to be such a shock to the system when winter comes round. You get so comfortable don't you and I have forgotten what it's like to go out with a jacket. I think mainly I am just loving that summer is summer, it is the season it is meant to be and it feels pretty endless right now. 
I was talking to a friend last night about how my usual summer style would usually be a nice midi skirt, a tee and a jumper; a jumper I say! In summers past that is exactly what you would have still needed, but as this summer is off the scale I have struggled slightly. By struggled I mean, had to buy lots of new dresses to keep me much cooler!
You guys already know I am a fan of JOULES and not only have they got some fab summer pieces in their SALE but their NEW IN and HOLIDAY SHOP is also perfect for now and leading into the Autumn. I think it is fair to say that the days are hot but the evenings are cool. Refreshing even, and for me unless I am in a dress or skirt, jeans are my only other option. I have body issues like everyone and like to cover my thighs so nothing mini over here, but these two outfits I want to share really suit my needs in terms of comfort, practicality and style.

Let's be realistic, in summer you want the lightest and most comfortable fabrics. JOULES linen, I have found, is always excellent. I have two of their white linen shirts as I just love wearing them. They are my absolute 'go to' when I just don't know what to pull on. Having seen this beautiful new LINEN DRESS in store I knew straight away that it would be a pretty one to own. 

I love blue and this print is a bit old school JOULES and that really resonated with me. In my teens JOULES was a brand that I so wanted, but was just too expensive. I remember my very first purchase with them was a basket bag (not much has changed there) which I got from their stall at the Lincolnshire Show. It was really similar to this one but was plain and had blue striped lining. It was my favourite bag for so long and really quite a grown up one for a young teen, but basket love started young!

I think quite a few people shy away from Linen as it creases so much but I love that. I love that something is so soft it creases from just sitting in it; I have no problem with looking a bit disheveled in linen because it is just one of those fabrics that can pull it off.

This dress is great for day wear for all occasions styled with simple heels or sandals.

The second outfit I wanted to share is something a bit more casual and it includes a hair scarf which I am most excited about!
For a long time JOULES has been producing really beautiful patterned scarves and what is great is that they do a range of really well priced NECKERCHIEFS in their signature prints. These are great for attaching to bags or wearing in your hair!

In fact, in the bee print this NECKERCHIEF is perfect for now and running into autumn. With one of their new season HARBOUR TEES, it really pops! I love a hint of yellow at the minute, I am recently converted and am finding it really does add a colour pop to outfits and even your home!
I love the new HARBOUR TEES, and in this modern spot as opposed to their classic stripe, I am so glad that they are still producing mixed prints on this range. The florals and stripes and florals and spots are both great additions to their plain stripe collection. This one in particular is just gorgeous in colour combinations.

With the ever popular MONROE SKINNY JEANS (These always sell out in the dark indigo) These jeans will see me through many days and nights this summer and in fact all year round. Dark blue jeans are such a nice thing to come across and these JOULES ones are my favourite cut to date. I have a few in black which are a 'go to' for me and I love how they look with trainers, sandals and, in fact, these SUMMER MULES. The perfect SUNSHINE YELLOW colour looks great against denim and they really suit this kind of outfit and are so comfy!

Whether you are walking around in the heat of the day or enjoying the quiet streets at sunset, JOULES CLOTHING makes dressing comfortable and easy.


* This post is sponsored by Joules.

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