Monday, 2 July 2018

Outfit Details: The Elizabeth Scarlett Pouch

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you may have seen my obsession with ELIZABETH SCARLETT creeping into all my pictures. I met Elizabeth Scarlett at a HOBBYCRAFT event last month and have really fallen in love with her products.

After receiving her beautiful LEMON POUCH as a gift at the event, I then went online and got myself a few more items. I suppose I love the simplicity of her prints and actually having met her, and genuinely liking her I suppose I am happy to put my money into her business. Genuinely, she has a lovely small collection of luxury home wears and I love them. 

This MAUVE VELVET ANANAS POUCH  is so gorgeous. I suppose its use is up to you but really it is the size of a make up bag. Much too pretty though for getting make up all over. I used this as a clutch at the weekend with this outfit for my sister's hen do with this very floaty ZARA BLOUSEKICK FLARE JEANS  and vintage style shoes.

I really love how you can dress up a blouse and jeans. I could easily with a cool biker jacket over this as it gets cooler or on an evening out, but the pleats on the sleeves and the soft coloured velvet already have a real touch of glamour to them!

*Photos taken by Charlotte Jacklin of BETTY MAGAZINE


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